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power balance wristband Nanjing cuisine geographic

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PostPosted: Tue 5:16, 01 Mar 2011    Post subject: power balance wristband Nanjing cuisine geographic

Nanjing to punch the . . No you can not think, only you can not eat.First, the noodles:

1) three yuan Lane inside the Chichiawan 2 or No. 1, Lane nail No door ) Yu Daojie or Fujian Road, br>
Cool 40 Station Road, Ocean Pearl Lane end of the ) opposite the main entrance of Nanjing Normal University, br>
13) Hongwu Road, Court House,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Soviet Union, 50 meters across the alley, Noodle House beautiful house to which the eagle inside the alley, Jinshan aging buildings and commercial buildings next door to the small alley opposite the hotel the first

7) Pacific Department Store, the alley next to the > Cool North Country Fair on the road,

11) Comment matter Street > 13) near the station of Chongqing Qin Hong Laifeng pickled fish

14) Shanghai Road Kim Yun Fat's

4) Han Fu Street Food Street in the The Category:

1) that part of the Confucius Temple and medium-sized middle of the road bridge, a bridge, the bridge's Lianhua Supermarket opposite

2) br> 3) Dan Fengjie fish fried dumpling, big bone soup

6) Three Lane in Beijing next overseas, ) Yang Gong safflower in residential wells across East cabbage garden next to the 10) Radio Tour next door in Nanjing Fuxi within 50 meters, > 14) Shimonoseki Hui Ming bridge br>
2) Golden Eagle street, opposite the Palace, Lane's br>
3) South Xiyuan Street, gold and silver in the pork, seafood tofu soup

5) opposite the archway Christine Lane
7) Palace Street's br> 10) residential street in the Gospel Women Luo, soba, udon

16) East Mall underground Lu Cai categories:

1) true Po-fang, Zhu Chuang, You cents U.S. to the duck head

2) Great Eastern restaurants in the palace crispy

3) Ziyan Subway chicken shop: Subway chicken, Fuqifeipian, four

4) Xiang Fei Chicken: duck head, roasted chicken

5) the Ministry Street (near the sheep Lane junctions) and small thermal tile Lane area of snow across the entrance of mine: the gold Lu Cai shop duck head

6) Zhujiang on br> 7) Son Temple Tai Shiba Street : soup packets, good fans

2) Beiting Lane and will be street has the
5) South Lake Village Style (VII Road) in the pouring rice, cumin iron beef

7) Dan Fengjie stone fruit mother across the Soviet Union Lane, >
9) Shek Kwu Tang Bao Road, Sunshine Building, door shop

10) Branch Lane (opposite the substation, Zhongshan East Road, the cell door in the morning and sold) in the Chicken soup packets

11) North Bridge where > 13) Leddy that, McDonald's next to the That theater across the hall in Xinjiang lamb skewers and roast leg of lamb

2) a three-Hu Road, kebabs

3) Lau Wan Shan Xi Luxi mutton string (a pair of old couple baked)

4) Zhongshan Building, where my colleagues in the market next to a residential area called auspicious garden next to a baked

5) August Hospital South door of the House >
Cool in front of McDonald's grilled beef tendon Ninghai

9) Confucius Temple honey lamb, vegetarian chicken, rice cakes, potato cakes, beef, grilled squid, raw beef bibimbap, the Korean cold noodles

11) edge of the Confucius Temple century under the overpass, and squid

12 ) Matai Street >
14) Crane Street, junction (opposite the West Bridge crossing), the left side of the road flat fish, chicken wings, lettuce and other

1Cool Choi Ha Street, hoist the entrance of the grill: chicken wings, lamb chops

ten, the hotel restaurant category:
1) Jiangsu Road, : escargot stuffed meat, court dates, fish head, pepper duck Liu, salted egg chicken roll, salt, shrimp, and the world the first bowl, clams steamed eggs, konjac ribs
2) in the Hunan Road, Lion Bridge spicy fish head
5) Han Fu Street food court of the , Zhe Ergen (phonetic) mixed with jelly, millet quince, sour soup back to the fish
6) Xinjiekou Cool small thermal tile alley or the snow Han Lei Fu Street Hotel: Taiwanese miles incense, saliva chicken, Trinidad fragrance
9) Chang Fu Street, Suannibairou, garlic ribs, Fuqifeipian, old jars, a hundred years Sauce, fish head, cabbages Hong ribs, half soup mandarin
10) Cheng Gelao Lane iron wine, roast chicken, pumpkin pearl soup, potato silk, salted egg yolk steamed tofu, mung bean paste, hanging pot beef, Shi Sanxiang lobster
11) Ruijin the road, > 12) Doucai Bridge 14) Dan Fengjie stone mother lane > 16) White Road III, the gate next to the stew Western Restaurant: German pork hand, lasagna, pepper steak, cheese, wheat kernels, tiramisu, Italian cheese grilled veal roll lover, all kinds of PIZZA, spicy squid
22) Palace Street, Road br> 29) Jinling Hotel Lights Office: pastry cup seafood, fried squid, steamed grouper, Macao dragon to eat three, shrimp dumplings, lotus Xueha
XI desserts:
1) South Sau Village (Shanghai Road, opposite the food market) in the Plum Napoleon, Danish pastry, corn cake, Black Forest cake, almond cakes, sandwiches
2) Oh http 1 umbrella ぁ 『Han Xin ε 3 Stanford fan?
3): sushi and some West Point
5) Tom kinds of bread, cakes,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], toast, cheese bar, floss shortening sandwich
9) Jinling Hotel: Napoleon, whole wheat bread, cookies, pure cheese, Black Forest
10) Sheraton Kingsley A House Cafe: Cheesecake
11) Center Hotel Package Cake
12) Grand Ocean upstairs Champs Elysees
13) Hilton Hotel, all kinds of cakes
14) 304 China Road Changle Road near Station Road, West Bakery
15) Grapes of Suguo Supermarket Ouwei Shi Naisu
16) edge of the tart Jinling Hotel
17) Shanxi Road, Pacific Department Store of the egg tarts
1Cool who can not be next to the tart Xinjiekou
XII Teahouse:
1) Changbai Street's 2) , seafood rice, grass chicken rice, pineapple fried rice
3) the first floor of the East Mall, Hong Kong
1) Hunan Road and Trillium Lane's
2) Hanzhongmen 101
fourth, Tai Panji:
1) Shek Kwu Road, opposite the Golden Eagle International Garden Ma old man in front of kebabs
5) Hi to shun the Taipan Ji
6) Brain Hospital near the fried noodles, Tai Panji
of Other snacks:
1) 50 Palace Street, the Simon bridge Shanghai fried shop: fried package, 皮蛋瘦肉粥
3) South Xiyuan streets of gold and silver bike with red card to push the door in Chinese and Korean written kimbap
4) three and mouth West Road, Suzhou, selling fried chicken noodle shop across the alley and fast food restaurants in Hamburg, generous Lane Gulou District took the photo ID card #, downstairs next to the roadside to sell 40 egg cake shop
7) Confucius Temple Ma mission
Cool Hunan Road Shopping Centre, next to the alley where the and sell hot casserole
10) Confucius Temple afternoon and evening the door only to stall selling fried chicken pork chops
13) Qin Hong Suguo area next to the casserole, quail eggs
14) Ming Temple vegetarian
16) Yuhua district, ) next to the alley mouth of an old man selling 麻辣烫
19) Lion to buy a piece of candied fruit into the alley's Forbidden City and the road opposite the junction of the small business Zhujiang meat clip film
23) Eagle Shopping Center next to the alley, McCain bridge the chicken
26) V next spring fried
27) Shek Kwu Road, Chengdu spicy cake
2Cool Mount bowling alley across the middle of a shop selling: Dumplings and Dousha Bao
29) Nine in the south of the bathroom next to the chicken Tianchi string
30) next to the Confucius Temple in McDonald's beef pie
31) Spicy Village alley Wang sold the old lady egg
32) Huai Qing bridge Harbin dumplings and fried Huangqiao
33) South Lake 13 Station Road, next to the supermarket opposite Suguo: Station next to: South Lake Square Pentagon sold a large glass of sugarcane juice
3Cool residential lane in front of the government promise leek box
39) Matai Street Jinling Hospital Road,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], opposite the translation of

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