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beijing voyage package

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PostPosted: Fri 9:10, 01 Apr 2011    Post subject: beijing voyage package

Looking at the Prime Minister away figure, several guests have plucked out money to purchase that several evening, everybody this happy we were! Premier Zhou did not think our so approachable, but also like to watch the evening paper. That evening on the embark of what I have long forgotten, Premier Zhou, and people can be together, but face it graciously engraved in my center. Time flies, an instant 50 years after, I have elderly, children still love to melodrama the Summer Palace, Chicago puzzle spring, blue pond in summer ventilation, including autumn and Fu-Ju, Gui Ying-tung wing. Summer Palace and pleasing landscape all year round, anytime I went to Ren Shoudian ago, love to think of the Prime Minister was here bought the evening paper. That anecdote, the park has convert my most memorable memories.
October 18, 1860, the coalition commander in the British and French troops beneath the command of Elgin, M. Seoul Cavalry set fire to begin the three Hills and Five Gardens (Longevity Hill Qingyi Garden, Yuquan Shan Jing Ming Garden, Fragrant Hills Park, Providence, Chang Chun Yuanmingyuan), Qing Yi Park immediately diluted to ashes. I work more than forty years at the Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan fire often heard people mention entities, some of the media, textbooks,Beijing Private Tour, has written how the British and French troops burned the Yuanmingyuan. But the fact is more than just a Summer Palace, when thousands of British and French troops cavalry had been burned with the torch from the Old Summer Palace Fragrant Hill. Summer Palace is the employer for, it said that people generally ignore the West Beijing Yuanmingyuan Garden was practically all burned. I have also listened of tree-felling Xiangshan green team, from an old tree trunk injection among the bullets found in the coalition. When dredging the Summer Palace, I saw the guns from the bottom of the lake dredged.
Now in the west of Beijing, folk discern most of those ancient structures rebuilt after burning. The Summer Palace which the most large rehabilitation project, which is especially essential project namely the park's milestone Tower of Buddhist Incense was. People Teng Longevity Hill, did not know numerous folk from being buried by the foot of the Tower of Buddhist Incense scalded in and nigh the ruins removed of rubble. May 28, 2005, the Summer Palace in the altitude of the road construction ministry pipe trench. I see employees forced open the concrete block, the following are all pieces of brick stone, relentless and other remnants tin also see the new blaze and soil temperatures will thaw the beast brain chips together by the scene. Was dug in about 150 meters broad and almost 1 meter, 1 meter deep moat, all the residual after the mugging cases, more than the Summer Palace is currently aboard display by the counter the erasure of the thing to be rich times, a hundred times. People visit the Summer Palace, fair watching, everywhere, evidence remains of the junction mishap. The most prominent is the large number of survivors of cypress, pine, Ash. Visit Orient House, the door human from entering the starting, the line onward the passageway, most of both sides of the stem bark of cypress incomplete. You Qide and lined with one arborvitae Park East, from altitude apt base favor the purlins from the fire Bachu, only an inch broad and a mini bark of the roots from the floor apt the top of the pass, grows current branches. 150 years long,beijing day trips, and more persevering survival of it!
Longevity Hill Court, after the commitment to cost at the city center was a large grilled sea beast split stone, cup spire base Treasure Peak sagacity of the sea and so afraid of burnt buildings, also left the invaders Horse knifed to drop the scars. Wan Shou Qing Shanxi be Villa, West Lake algae Kam Tong, Mission City governance platform, such as construction sites mirror Court, also in silence to narrate people namely catastrophe 150 years antecedent, clear to people: bullied. When we visit the Summer Palace to see the afflict of these historical jot, you can stimulate yourself as the boom of the Chinese nation endless skirmish. The northern end of the Summer Palace Kunming Lake Tung Wenchang Pavilion, as a Chengguan-style architecture. "Wen" is Wenchang, who is a membership of Assembly of Immortals of Taoism, Taoist deities in charge of Taoism treatises in Wenchang examination. Wenchang Pavilion is the Summer Palace, the largest park of a 6 Chengguan, was founded in nineteen years of Qianlong (1754), the found metropolis for the three-tier pavilion Uehara, Guangxu seventeen years (1891) into the second floor. In fact Wenchang is Wenquxing, Wenquxing is in charge of the scholastic stars, representatives, or literary appearances to people who adore literature and masterpiece. Chinese people generally trust that the model of Wenchang Zhang Yazi, but there are a lot of people consider that Li Bai, Fan Chung-yen, Bao Zheng is Wenchang.
Wenchang Pavilion Genei layer is the northwardly side of Xu Mizuo, sat Wenchang sculpture (facing south). Dai Wenchang Wenchang head cap, wearing Mangpao, and gird jade,beijing tour package, magnificent pose. Stood in Wenchang on both sides as a chap (eastern for the daytime unconcerned, dumb the west side of the ground), the west side of the ride for the bronze Wenchang special. People known as the "knower who can not be made (to dumb), can the spokesman can not know (days deaf)." Copper horse specially Wenchang, a long face with donkey, mule body, Malta, neat's foot, commonly known as bronze mule. Days of deafness, to dumb, copper is Wenchang 3 special help. The original chart at the Royal Garden, the locations in the cloud canopy Wanshou Shanxi Lu Kuan Chengguan worship, dedicated to the east of the Wenchang Wenchang Pavilion, take the moral of civil and military Colonial. China since the Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties and Ten States has been a quite solemn problem disparate administrative regions, military administrators squad weight, often self-reliance. Zhao Kuangyin that appear in this case, he served in bid of the Later Zhou Jinjun the front of the lobby are point inspection, strength evolution and growth, through the "Chen Qiaobing change" honor, was built in Song weeks.
I Kuangyin main of Military Army naval power separatism and the threat of royal power has deep feelings, disparate managerial districts persist to make warfare, socio-economic, cultural and other severely harmed, he achieved that in array to regain the truce of society, we must elimination of disparate administrative regions, the generals of the military power to back the megalopolis.

beijing 1 daytime tour

beijing metropolis tour

beijing excursion package

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