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beijing hutong tour

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PostPosted: Thu 8:45, 24 Mar 2011    Post subject: beijing hutong tour

The early Ming Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty city walls south north, cutting off the Jishuitan upwards, so that the trench along the length of the creek north from Xizhimen off the East, from the steel lattice gate Deshengmen into the inner city, a premonitory measure of water Jishuitan diluted. Because of upstream construction in Jishuitan Deshengmenwai and Deshengmen Avenue, the elemental surface of the water into a broad river a small brook, streams east Jishuitan upstream from the Ruby bridge cross the water only, Jishuitan be divided into eastward and western chapters. There is a net commerce in Western North Shore Temple, so here's the water, also understood as the web commerce lake. Meanwhile, the waters of eastern and western parts Desheng bridge planting flowers, people and Jishuitan collectively as the "Lotus Pond."
At this point, Jishuitan is not longer a "sampan bow of boat water shield," the busy port, water transport in the chief ships can only be parked under the bridge southeast of the Chase. Yongle Emperor Zhu Di of the reason for this determination, no just because of the "internal product of taint at Tam High, Vessels are not to", merely the main reason lies, Zhu Di, the war is won by Jingnan the emperor, which he overturned Wen Jian Zhu Chen was wantonly implicated males, brutal slaughter. Later, although he migrated the chief to Peking, but then coerced to leave the architecture by his fanatics are fearful of Emperor, and always beware of their revolt, principally the terror of their momentary concern to Beijing. If you let Caochuan to Jishuitan to unload, who can guarantee that the persecution of people do no to persecute him? After much deliberation, he determined not to Caochuan into the metropolis better. Jishuitan relinquished ahead gradually silting up.
The silting up of these large areas of land, just growing edible for farmland. Thus, from the Ming Dynasty, Shichahai a large number of fields began to arise. Of lesson, the prologue of paddy fields has a subjective cause is that Zhu Di came to Beijing with a lot of people Zuju Jiang Nan, very accompanied to the family. Zhu Di laid for them to plant rice here, a outlook of the number of southern homeland to solace those soldiers hero of homesickness. According to "Yan Du Tour records," the records, it became a rice paddy field planted later the 8 acres, endless, "The Sound of Summer Jie Gao, diminished south." To this end, Sam Shing Temple is too built after the concept of Rice Pavilion, "Penan in the craft that paddy fields, sub-Cheng." As a outcome, rice, rice ambition transform a collection to encounter the ambitions of the home "show." It is said that the early forties of final century, there is still a large rice paddy fields.
"Textual Yandu" pointed out: "Shichahai coastal Mizuki Mincer, Lin Yu hugged this ancient rule of Famous People in numerous additional industries. The maximum outstanding rice Chung Chao-Man Park, Zhan Park, spoon Park, Xu Dingguo Taishi po, Jun Ying Miao Park, Liu Baishi Mirror Park ... ... "Xu Da Xu Dingguo is subject to esteem for the throne, shrieked Taishi, Taishi in the appoint of the resulting garden. It is located west of Ruby Bridges, the entry is a spacious lobby, is the an after a small lake, among by shady trees, flowers everywhere. North of the small lake, it is a large digit of houses, four establish a tall spire, overlooking the lake area a good location to climb. Taishi sitting po, can be dry northwardly Machang, Mirror Garden, Lotus Temple, Liu Mao merely park; looking eastern, close is the side garden; Man Park, Park, Young Park, King Park in the west.
Liu Baichuan villa, San Ying Tong, is on the south is a lake, lake like a mirror, accordingly the name Mirror Park. After the park along a airing route to work down, just to pass to the lake. End of the road is a waterside platform, you can just sit here as the lake class. Xing off the north from the Temple of the West Germany, which to the Lotus Temple. Yue Shu Lin Lang here, with more than spit wash. Temple also has a platform after, because higher ground, going with people approximately the Fangji eyebrows of Qi, a distance could see the lake. Liu Mao was a land built on the mountain park, north, 3 bungalows. At the foot of the mountain trails of Northern Zhu Lan Ying Xuan II, facing a pool of water, the Department cited Jishuitan water from the lake full of the lotus. Study, facing the lake, you can just peruse along with explosions of Lotus.
Man-made rice million Bell Park in Jishuitan East, because a three-story loft, namely circled along screen trees. Jun Ying Miao Prefecture Park namely a villa, situated in the Jishuitan the West Bank. In its south side, is near to Yang Park. Beside the lake there Fangge Lao Deshengmen North Park, there are kiosks and eroded limestone. Net manufacture built on the lake and the lotus pond in the dwelling of the Ming Dynasty, Department of Residence Garden dignitaries were the gardens, the gardens of these villas surrounded everywhere, is a massive roomy surface of the water. A variety of birds can be discerned on the water birds,beijing hutong tour, among the fly. When the evening of summer, human sit in chilly lake, opposition the breeze blowing gently, ears and Zhong Qing temple chanting voices, along with the Pavilion Park, the villa during which the Philharmonic complains, the formation of the Ming Dynasty royal indulgence excursion play paradise.

Beijing China Tours

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