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wow im here

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PostPosted: Thu 18:25, 06 Sep 2007    Post subject: Announcement

Yeahhh boiii banga

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PostPosted: Thu 18:41, 06 Sep 2007    Post subject:

Teknicity announces he is a boiiii Laughing

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Like A God

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PostPosted: Mon 18:12, 10 Jan 2011    Post subject:

Tamara Mellon, when interviewed mentioned that her own shoe, in addition to Jimmy Choo, the other brands in the case of the [link widoczny dla zalogowanych].

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User HTA

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PostPosted: Fri 4:18, 13 May 2011    Post subject:

has been a long time ago like an article. . Recently, careful pondering life like. . Ha ha.

many years later, I very miss the Peach Grove in that monster. I know that, as a Should I forget everything, all the love and hate, joy and sorrow, meritorious and ideals, are forgotten.
but I know, even if I forget myself, and when tis Hongxia blew my window, I will think of three thousand years ago, goes on a beautiful face, those transparent eyes, that silvery general singing.

She giggled, gently swing a pink dress, like a beautiful red glow at sunset.
Monkey with a few hundred years
not see me. Western Paradise on the road, my apprentice has saved my life many times. We thought of that is the game, we are so invested, cry on each other, relative laugh, but until the end came to understand, all the original are illusory. Learn all the mountain roads, all water, all the ghosts and goblins are Tathagata set up his sleeve.

he sighed,

this sentence I said to him years ago, when he was a monkey.
the difference between monkey and human
how much? Monkey said:

I opened the seal.
rumbling bang, grabbing earth shattering, a golden light rising from the valley into the sky, a flying monkey sky, sitting in the clouds laugh.

he did not kill me, and he became my apprentice.
after many years I know that is the arrangement of the Tathagata, he did not want to see a man play the game, then not fine.
Banshee peaches in a beautiful night captured me, she waved, and I could not move.

she hit me a slap in the face numerous,
we fly in the forest, insects chirp chirping, the leaves gently flowing, her body exudes a faint scent, I was a little scared, but more of a melancholy, all this and more as I often do young Oh that dream.

she turned back, Pimian and hit me in the face, half of his face warm tingling pain,

She giggled,
This is the first day, she hit me five ears, but in the end I won.
Buddha, the world was silent. Lit the lamp, the lamp goes out, the world is bright, all Scripture is to help you forget. Forget the past, forget yourself, forget the Scripture itself.
see also dispassion, often at idle, repair deep meditation, have five supernatural powers.
see also Buddha, An Chan together in prayer, to do the mechanics, like all phenomena king.
back to see the Buddha, Zhishen Chi-solid, able to ask Buddha, Wen noted Shouchi.
and Xianfo child, ... ... ... ...
I remembered
gently, feeling gradually gone away, between the ethereal song of the stars cleared, human flowers bloom Xie, joys and sorrows and everything is all ears like a breeze.
some time, I thought I really have forgotten everything. I am quiet and happy, the sand piled up a mountain the Ganges, but I do not grain.

I looked up, eyes is a monkey.

water Manjuan from memory, beat the time of the wall. Gradually clear that vague memory, I saw tears in front of the monkey.

out of Peach Grove, we both did not speak. After a long time, he suddenly asked me:

my eyes were suddenly red,

deep in the peach, has a beautiful garden. Green grass covered with the petals.

I ignored her, the slightest mouth oozing blood, was playing her.

I put my face can be turned over.

I snorted.

She'd do it again, I told her fight, I think.
There are countless fairy
Western Paradise on the road, but we have never seen such stupid like her.

She walked around me,

she suddenly leap out from behind, in my arm severely bite and bloody.

There is a legend
magic, called

I kowtow,

he laughed,
my head slammed to the ground a couple of Dayton, the blood flow out, shining bright red, like a flower blooming peach.

I am shocked, I saw my life as a long axis of the picture, in the eyes slowly opened. I saw a woman's body I drilled out to the world crying out loud; see yourself slowly stand, staggered walk, babbling; see their practice in the Five Sacred Mountains study hard; see growing older, some people around tears of my body; see my soul from the body, slowly rising in the clouds, the sun are all on my body, I became the Buddha.

... ... ...
my heart empty, and Yao Yaoyu down.

peaches with a sigh,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],
after I become a Buddha, then the stubborn impulse is no longer a monk, I know, my eyes see everything is illusion, to a gust of wind, everything will be without a trace. Three thousand years, the number of the Kingdom of destruction, the number of urban desolation, after the secular face of the vicissitudes of life change, leaving no trace. Whether you are persistent, or give up, the final outcome are the same body are the embodiment of Jingui empty.
fairy cave in Dance Macabre, peach essence laugh.
my youth, they often make the same dream: a look at the endless prairie, I quickly run a white horse,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a shy young girl buried her face in my back, his hands held my waist tightly, I look happy and sad, quiet, the girl looked up, murmured in my ear: if, if ... ....
I opened my eyes first tone door bell rang, this time I'm always very sad.

Master Xuan long
shook his head hard.
this day I do not know where to go. Buddha is difficult, but I was; dream is easy, but thousands of years, I still can not go back to that dream.
peaches did not take me to the river, she took my hand, like the moonlight fly to deep peach, where foggy.

deep night, we kept walking through endless silence. In the dark, there is something inside me creep softly, slowly growing. I spread my arms, light floating in the air, a confused mind, I saw white horse is returning to the dream blew the grass at the foot of boundless ... ...

I opened my eyes and found that being in a valley surrounded by mountains, a river meanders from me is to go.

monster is a monster, even my hands together,

brush my face red, I turned away, pretending nothing had heard whispers down chanting: Supreme even deep subtle method, suffered millions of eons.
I have seen and heard today was Shouchi
​​willing to solutions as good as coming true meaning.
... ... ...
Master Xuan has been exaggerated pain
I concentration, and meditation, he often screaming in my ear. Ringing in the ears, but my body absolutely still. He was always satisfied with the touch of my head, got up and left. This game, we played for three years, until his death.
that moment I suddenly thought of mysterious suffering Master, ashamed.

I was locked in the column, blankly watching these stupid creatures. Yes, I am dying, but they never president of health, early death or late death in the eyes of the Buddha, there is no difference.
peaches, standing far off and stare at me.
If I'm not a monk, I would heartily praise her beauty, she was like a flower blooming peach, fragrant vivid colors, the whole cave is bright due to redouble her. She is neither pus nor skull, Buddhism is not always right, I think.

peaches body violently shake a bit, and she flushed.
set up two monsters out of me to go, rugged caves, my head hit the cliff a bit violently pain.

She grabbed my arm, face, smile surfaced,

Her teeth flashed, as is the earth's most precious jade.
my story rather than the day, various deities gathered Mountain, The Sound of Music, smallpox flying. When all the silence, as to ask me:
all eyes are looking directly at me. I bowed my answer:

I looked down in silence.

I looked up, facing the Tathagata said loudly:
Tathagata laugh, they tut praise Buddha, smallpox, have scattered from the air.
but I remember raging at that moment the gate was open, everyone in life, everything, every word, every expression of joy, anger, worry about the music, are so clear and beautiful, violently shaking my deepest Office of the soul.
voice sounded Taolin in: day Yao, died away, gazing at the earth-shaking.
cry for whom, for whom laughter, any time of thy beauty withered to do.
which will enter a phase of becoming an immortal which Buddha, in the end, or loess, or smoke.
and died outside the fishing, hand a green bamboo poles.
Mowen Qingqing where to go, turned around and saw Tao Huaxian ... ... ...
tail curl, scattered into Albatron, I saw the peaches came carrying baskets far, she titter, long hair flying in the fluttering glow in his body bathed in sunlight ... ...
peaches knocked on my head, laughing, I blushed and looked down
From that moment, I never hated her, although she Sunzhe my practice, although she beat me, though, she almost made me fall into the Magic. Buddha, love and hate fanatic hatred of life miserable, but if not those who love, those who hate, those that love is, those tearful smile, life would be so boring ah.

I know that he is no longer a monk, and I stick to the rules and prohibitions have been collapsed in that sunny morning, in that monster smile inside.

I sat there and did not know that angry or happy, over a long time, I silently cried.

I never thought about it.
/ p>
I froze. Peaches touched my head, sigh,
Many years later, I finally understand that the so-called Buddhist sutras, the so-called salvation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but is such as to tell me a joke. Those dusty years of past emerged, a beautiful face flashes in the depths of time, I saw her at the millennium has not changed to me smiling. My whole body shiver.
everything has its cause and effect, because of persistent pain, happiness comes from giving up. Millennium, I kept thinking, what kind of origin, and I created a monster that joys and sorrows of life and death?

she froze a moment, then giggle together, gently swing a pink dress, like a beautiful red glow at sunset.
peaches never shy about expressing her feelings in her world, love and hate, life and death, are so simple.

my heart pounding, peaches looked at me like a child as innocent, this time and look through the life and death, let me years later next door.
my tears falling earth, earth filled with surging flood.

She quickly ran to the shore, and his face reddened,
I asked her:
her laughter laugh,
I nodded,
her splash into the water, tightly around my neck,

her face firmly affixed to my face,
... ... ... ...
that night, rain covered with earth, quietly opening up numerous peach flowers, branches and scattering time of the nectar of life.

I hugged her, and the hearts of infinite joy. This is the Nirvana, I muttered in my heart,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], happiness, death generally Nirvana.
Monkey King is a poet, I mean his attitude toward life. In essence, he is a romantic and sentimental of monkeys, the world's very gentle, but it looks like a thug. He tears the moment Buddha, he was trembling. Tathagata smiled and asked:
at various deities are, Goku suddenly burst into tears, unable to persuade anyone.
only I know, that is true of the Monkey King, a weak, low self-esteem of the monkey, a desire to love monkeys.
hundred years ago, his title on my wall a poem:
affinity may not meet a cruel Mo to Cuiwei.
Ten robbery of a falling human
, remember that peach did not return.
I know what he said.
happy, yes, the elusive happiness.
fine peach trees to find us, peaches are hair. Charming she looked at me and long hair to hang down,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I kissed her gently and carefully inserted into a peach in her ear.

phase, as we smile, sweet heart.
years later, that moment made me smile very painful memories as the sharpest sword, a knife blade pierced the chest.
If possible, I am willing to die with my life, the exhaustion of thousands of years time, in return for that year under a peach tree that affectionate smile, even if only a moment, one second.
fighting two fairy looking through the roll up, wind whistling, wood Yefei Yang, drops of blood splashed on my body, even my hands together, trembling prayer, some never had the fear of rolling, repeated Cuonong my mind.
a sudden loud noise, like a broken kite, like peaches or out, blood spatter, dyed the foot of the lawn.
fine sword Zhipi peach,
peaches like a child as helpless lying there, his face full of blood, she looked at me journeying, looking in his mouth heavy emotions. I swooped over and hugged her, hold her, the exhaustion of my body strength. Fine peach trees in front of a sword, but I am not afraid, I am willing to die, I think.
course, this is a game. A pair of eyes always looking down the land.
in the crisis moment, Buddha and Monkey King also appeared in front of me.
Tathagata beckoned, immediately dump peach essence, softening, decomposition, fingertips, beautiful and fierce monster that disappeared, like the wind without a trace.
I like Damengchuxing, between life and death, everything is so unexpected. I rubbed his eyes and saw before, such as golden years, even his hands together, smiled kindly,
peaches held my hand tightly,
her hair disheveled, his face pale, her two lines Qinglei over the beautiful face, Binbian bloody peach, which is a sweet dream.
I looked at her journeying, rough chest, she is no longer the magic strength of the monster, but a need for me to hurt, to love, to gently embrace the girl. A feeling has never been rapidly rising in my heart, like fire, like burning my soul.
Some people will brave
a lifetime, to a person or a truth. Many times over the years I remember my declaration day, I know, at that moment, the closest I get happy.
Tathagata gloomy face, shout: do not realize?!
peaches from the ground and struggling to climb into my arms, I hugged her tightly and refused to let go. We gaze, am immensely pleased with each other.
Tathagata was furious,
I shouted:
Tathagata furious right hand raised high,
split days from Perak, mountains shake, rivers back. Peaches suddenly threw himself bravely go, stand in front of me.

She picked up the sword, sword pierced his chest, the blood of the same as the peach blossom in her chest.

peaches slowly turned, looked at me and burst into tears.
thunder in my heart flow empty ring, past, such as sparks shine, my tears finally burst, rolling flowing in the face,

I nodded desperately, in the rain and shouted,
peaches exhaustion of the last bit of energy into my arms, sharp sword pierced her body. She clung to my neck,

I saw myself flying in the sky, constantly changing cloud, meteor fall one after another, a blue planet,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], slowly slip in between the eyebrows. Who's eyes the depths of clouds? Let me dream this sad time.

I made a sudden opened his eyes and saw a monkey cried, his eyes red, nose, and tears to do a one step on his face confused.
I patted his hand,
Wukong flutter over, and fell on my chest would burst into tears,
peaches it?
no peaches.
you lie to me!
Master, is you kidding themselves. Simply no peaches, no piece of peach.
Maybe Wu is right, but the peach branches tis why the crying and so sad?
If there is no way you stopped to rest. If there is no sorrow, you are sincere smile. But happiness, if not happiness, what means I still alive?
Goku suddenly stopped, turned and looked at me.

he smiled. He cried. Crystal tears a withering smile at the innocent.

that is how long a dream ah.
three years. Snow melting for the rivers, the sea solidified into rock, peach opened, the world is spring. Walls inscribed with the years the legend of immortality, there are always some people feel an upsurge of difficult levels.

She giggled, gently swing a pink dress, like a beautiful red glow at sunset.

western sky gently brushed his eyes, I saw the beautiful face goes on in thousands of years beyond the time a smile to my affection, the other side of life waving to me repeatedly.

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