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mulberry laukku on top of the tension axis

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PostPosted: Tue 0:05, 24 May 2011    Post subject: mulberry laukku on top of the tension axis

,ed hardy suomessa
Micro-motor stator core stack design withhold Die

. 1mm. Thickening of the fixed plate and the appropriate thickness of lead is easy to pivot, so that when the iron core mounted in the vertical stack to withhold drawings. Withheld during the installation process in the stack, because the stator core of the four dovetail asymmetry, four wheel button while pressing roll films, resulting in the imbalance force, Lai skew iron core, in order to prevent skew in the core dovetail symmetrical position, with the corresponding number of right-angle positioning block lO, to stop the rolling when the core 'deformation. . After shaping the core positioning in the vertical direction is loose mold industry in 1991. No. 9 very l2, and must be in the mold of the pre-pressed core, then set the next lock mode locking mechanism of 2,16 has been pressed with the slider 13 and the iron roller 7 down on the button on the module films were rolling in rolling to a certain position, the slider in contact with upper die mold to push the block under the tail of 5, according to the head of the button push the block away from the bottom piece, push block the advance of the end of a certain slope calculated wedge angle, the push button piece to move the block in the core reached the bottom of the wheel rolling, the head while pushing the block button at the bottom of the Department of films from Li push 9O. Closely linked to pressure in the core-side surface. Roller buckle in the completion of the liquid film extrusion, by the limit in the mold plate 12 can not continue down the other sides, to prevent the wheel to continue to push the block down and crushed to death caused by mold damage. With the table up on the mold and then reset, the entire mold movement coordination. Core stack installation withhold the operation of touch with the process: the layers moves up and down mode were 14.1 fixed upper and lower cylinder hydraulic machine work table, and good correction down the block with a proofreading mode slick 13, push block 5, position Block 1O. 7 and the core roller buckle piece dovetail the relative position of the punching good core punching, drawing on the core according to the length, weight,ropa ed hardy, tightness piece asked, again and again pressure coefficient, etc., with the pound, said quantitative, straighten out the good with the groove-like rod core punching, insert the four pieces of iron Lane bow buckle dovetail slot, into the mold four tension sleeve core 8, the pressure on the mandrel and inserted into the tensioner cover l1 axis l5. The pre-compression rod (attached) on top of the tension axis, starting hydraulic machine, the die down to the pre-compression of the core (pressure is adjustable), after the iron core is pressed up tight in the bottom of the shaft under lock and locking mechanism of 2,16 lock mode. Then remove the pre-compression rods. Equipped with rollers 7 and the slider 13 on the cross to continue down, into the core dovetail wheel position, the film will flatten the bow buckle stays tight in the dovetail slot. At the same time on the vertical movement of die block 13 and lower die block 5 has a certain push to promote contact with the rear wedge angle, push the block f} plot to promote the core level of deduction made the direction of film movement, pressure in the wheel rolled iron i limp seedlings Department the same time, push the block 5, the head slider in the upper die driven, sliding to the bottom piece buckle, the buckle end of the first self-Li film extrusion ridge 00. Closely linked to pressure in the core-side surface. In the arrest the same time, a fixed block of 9 with the upper roller buckle piece with the pressure head positioning, with the pressure tight and the buckle on the film pressure in the core of two closely linked Yasukuni. The upstairs has a limit board, roller buckle in the sheet after the completion of rolling plate positioning and can not continue to limit the downside. Then bring on the table and slide the wheel up mode is reset. Lateral lower die block by a spring to push the top back in place. Dan in the back wheel and flattening of the deduction when the film friction,ed hardy kleding, driving up the core point. Remove the core of favor. Then release the town of tight organization, remove the tensioner pivot shaft and cover the stator iron stack withhold garlic packed easily removed from the four shafts. This model can also be of different heights of the stator core. Exchange layers part of the core module fitted on the die 8, tensioner shaft l5, limit plate 12,mulberry laukku, wheel positioning fixed block size of 9 to layers of different heights of the stator core. The core stack withheld put on three-cylinder hydraulic machine movement and positioning, compression, rolling buckle also has to ensure accuracy, process is reasonable, reliable, easy operation, high efficiency. Mass production using proven that after installation of the stator stack withheld surface roughness is not iron Xie Fan Zhang, Chong tightly inter-chip, core end and the inner hole, the next trough vertical motor design are in line with the technical requirements. Transformer silicon steel punching parts into a group of 45th-mail Shaanxi Xingping Shun Lee on behalf of the transformer shown in Figure 1 the two stamping parts, the last two sets of molds were used for punching processing, material utilization is low, productivity is not high, especially E-shaped punch is the punch die life film is very low, and now the two parts based on size characteristics, the set of red and processed into a set of new technology, that is, punching, punching slot and cut off the mold in the form of complex units, from Die another industry in 1991. No. 9,ed hardy shop, 127 leaving the total than the old process to improve production efficiency by 2 times, save 57% material, dimensional accuracy, cutting quality are in line with product requirements. The main characteristics of the mold; Bump building designed for two and a half, right half E-shaped punch and die set for the week link, left part of the activities of a floating punch connected, the other, the discharge device can be divided


mulberry laukku vcN

ed hardy shop wien j

mulberry københavn electronics

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