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abercrombie et fitch

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PostPosted: Tue 0:49, 24 May 2011    Post subject: abercrombie et fitch

Mold flow analysis in the plastic design

Reasonable research to improve the location of the gate warpage, the die successfully developed. Virtual PC Test Test Design 1CAE Objective: To analyze trends in warpage proposed scheme can reduce warpage. Test method: in the same boundary conditions (such as forming the main parameter settings, the cooling water temperature setting) under the premise of the program into the plastic at different locations results of this study, to study and to find to improve curling into pus Figure 1, part 2, reproduce the problem and the initial location of the gate into the plastic solution: Figure 1 shows the original design of gate position for the 3-point pin-point plastic mouth, qualitative analysis 3:00 into the plastic deformation trend warping results Figure 2, Figure 3 shows, in Figure 2, Figure 3 the results for the warpage trend, in which 10-fold magnification warping numerical results from the trend, and whether the results match the actual warping. Author: Zhang Yue, male, graduated from Tianjin University in 2001 specialized polymer materials, is engaged in the mold flow analysis, either CAE engineer. ; [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] commonad. cornil1tt2 warpage trend analysis in order to save time and simplify procedures, especially to set the focus of comparative analysis of deformation in the warping displacement,rosetta stone wholesale, and the flow of cooling not make a specific analysis of the results compared. Figure 3, the results of gamma c. Warpage 3, the discovery of objective analysis to determine the actual tryout with the product results in good agreement for further analysis to provide a reliable basis. In view of the product was produced by warping of the product, the corner position, as shown in Figure 4, Figure 5, between AB and CD in the area between. Z position of these two direct impact to the warping degree of product quality to meet requirements, so we will analyze the targeting of the B point at this location relative to A point and c point z relative to D point on the displacement of the warp . Into the plastic that is comparing the position of Figure 4 Warp 5 results mold engineering MOUI, Biiiiiiiiiiiiii;; 2005. No. 12 Comparison of the total 57 of the initial design goal (3:00 into the plastic) improved design (4:00 into the plastic) B point A point Z relative to the warping displacement IZb-ZaIO367mmO271mmC point D point relative to the warping displacement Z IZc-ZdIO740mmO415mm Figure 5, the location of the Warp program IZb-Zal and IZc-Zdl numerical size. za A point to warp to the displacement z, zb z for the B point to the amount of warping deformation, zc z to c point to the warping deformation displacement, zd z for the D point to the warping deformation volume. Displacement values ​​can be above results in moldex grab. 4 to find a solution through computer simulations of various programs into the plastic products, warpage, and finally we find a lot of programs to improve the analysis of target. Specifically, each time the computer simulation test mode in l hour or so, a total of 7 groups of options, eventually found a significant improvement in the program into the plastic warp. Analysis of changes in the process is repeated repeated repeated simulation of the process of analysis and comparison, therefore, this process can be described as the analysis of a large project. Repeated by the computer so the virtual test mode, finally found an optimal solution into the plastic, which Figure 6 4-point into the plastic solution. 6 conclusions of conditions set in the same situation,ed hardy zürich, can be seen by comparing the modified program to the warping displacement deformation z values ​​were significantly less than the initial design of the z displacement of the warping deformation value. Will analyze the target but did not completely reduced to 0,louboutin københavn, indicating warpage trend persists, warpage affected by many factors, such as product structure, molding conditions, material shrinkage, etc., so that the The results to some extent seek to improve the warp direction. Of course, the actual mode of trial should focus on the improvement of other conditions. 7 compare the actual tryout warp test Figure 73 into the plastic products look like Figure 8,abercrombie et fitch, the improved appearance of products Figure 7 is a test 3:00 test program into the plastic appearance of products, it is clear that there is a light through the warp to the place ; while Figure 8 shows the modified test program backward look like plastic materials, where we could barely see the light, revealing the location from the original warp to prove that this problem has been solved out of the warp to reach the customer's requirements. 8 Conclusion This example is the use of the computer science virtual CAE analysis, found a significant solution to warp into the plastic deformation of the program. Gate location and gate from a number of point of view a lot of analysis and comparison,ed hardy suomessa, so have a successful outcome, I hope this can give some success already in the field of CAE engineers a revelation. Flexible use of CAE tools to work for us to greatly help. monad. tom47


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