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Brooks Launch - Women's

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PostPosted: Thu 4:24, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: Brooks Launch - Women's

With an incredibly flexible outsole and seamless transition, the lightweight Brooks Launch running shoe will get you from start to finish, whether for a tempo run or in a race. Add to that the lower-profile midsole and minimal upper, and it's 3, 2, 1 . . . blast off. AIRmesh™ upper, synthetic overlays adds breathability and comfort. Rearfoot HydroFlow® ST enhances midsole cushioning; attenuating shock with industry-leading dampening and comfort. Full-length BioMoGo,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes. Dual-density DRB Accel™ is a shank-like thermoplastic device that provides torsional rigidity to the midfoot, enhancing support while allowing the heel and forefoot to act independently. S-257™ Cushsole provides even more cushioning and flexibility. HPR™ Plus is a higher durability, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole compound that wears longer.. Forefoot Cush-Pod™ construction with blown rubber forefoot outsole. Wt. 7.5 oz.

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User HTA

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PostPosted: Wed 3:12, 06 Apr 2011    Post subject:

【New shoes the first wax is more durable to wear Oh】 before the new shoes coated in wax, to protect the upper, the shoe to be easily damaged, but also the effectiveness of moisture, so the shoes last longer Oh! However, the thick shoe polish can not be painted because the polish is too thick but will make the shoes tight, be counter-productive, and the occasional shoe polish instead of using oil-based cream shoe, but also allows more flexible leather shoes, wear Oh it would be more comfortable
NEW bubble of hot water before re-use toothbrush】 new toothbrush in the use of a good idea to soak in hot water before they can make more durable toothbrush. However, not look like a little bubble. Because, if only for just a bubble effect is not much, it is best to soak into the hot water has been naturally cool so far, so not only more durable, but also to the role of disinfection Oh!
】 【dry cleaning yourself some clothes because of the relationship between fabric is not suitable for water cleaning, but if necessary to the laundry and dry cleaning is not a small overhead cost, then, do not try their hands against dry cleaning method can be Oh no small cost savings! First, brushed the dust on the clothes, the clothes, laying under a large towel, then brush the oil to oil decontamination wipe stick. Next, pour in warm water a few drops of an appropriate amount of cleaning agents and alcohol, wipe with a towel dipped in a fast clothes (towels to wring Oh!), So the whole clothes are clean, the longer irons ironing can .
【milk with hot water is not clean dirt】 stained clothes and milk are not careful, be sure to immediately wash with water, because the place a long time, the place to be stained the color of milk will gradually become darker, and difficult to clean. But do not use hot water Oh! Because milk is animal protein, the protein will be solidified when exposed to heat, dirt to wash off.
【how to become white and yellow clothes】
Method One: boiling method can become white and yellow clothes Oh, the white cotton clothes are particularly vulnerable to turn yellow, may be in the closet, because the relationship between moisture make clothes turn yellow, and perhaps washed several times ... then gradually fade and turn yellow, however, yellowing of the clothing can not use bleach if the bleach, then water heating method can try to restore it to its original color. First prepare a large pot, add water in the pot and the amount of washing powder, clothes soaked in them, continue to cook for 30 minutes, then wash with water can be, this boiling method can return to white clothes turn yellow Oh!
Method Two: How washed lemon shirt, add some lemon juice into warm water, or put two pieces of lemon in the water, and then washed the white clothes soak for 10 minutes, you can become white as new.

】 【Collection sweater approach to the United States and the United States usually are folded sweater collection in the closet, waiting for a chance to wear when the weather cools, but often a long time, out of the sweater can be clear everywhere folding at the scene to see, very unsightly. In fact, when the collection of sweaters, a sweater can be gently rolled up neatly into the closet collection, so that the next time out, the U.S. can maintain the beauty of the original's sweater flat!
【】 with soap to prevent the mirror is the mirror in the bathroom because the heat of the relationships often become blurred, if you want it does not become blurred due to water vapor, can be cast on the mirror with soap, then dry dry cloth can be, so that the mirror will form a layer of soap film, can prevent sub-mirror is Oh! In addition, you can also use the convergence of the make-up water, also has the same effect Oh!
【remove chewing gum stuck on clothing】 chewing gum stuck on clothing are not careful, you can look with ice cold, so after solidification of gum can be hard to get rid of easily. However, it is not accidentally fall on a stick in the hair, do hard pull Oh! As long as the gum and hair conditioner and cast around, look after the next and then dry cloth to wipe off can!
【fresh lemon to keep sandwich】 sandwiches to eat into the refrigerator, may wish to put in a lemon plate, so that can stay fresh sandwiches
【milk, yoghurt to curry taste better】 easy and delicious curry practice, many mothers liked to do this road food. But if the day of not eating, heat again every meal is best not to add water, because water will taste fades after a curry, then you can add a little milk or yogurt, boiled down together, the taste of curry will become more Hong Oh!
【maintain the integrity of tips tofu】 soft tofu during the cooking process is very easily broken, if you want to maintain the integrity of tofu, you can soak in salt water before cooking, about 30 minutes, soaked in salt water under the tofu After the pot is not easily broken!
】 【how to pick grapes delicious and fresh grapes are rich in vitamins, however, usually white grapes on the matter, some people will think it is pesticide residues and fear, in fact, that the white substance is not left pesticide you, it is the unique white grape fruit powder, the more there will be fresh, more white grape fruit powder Oh! Therefore, it is also our fresh grapes to determine whether or not the pointer Oh! White grape fruit powder is harmless, so it need not be too laborious to clean it, but do not worry if you still feel that, in addition to washing with water outside, you can add a little bit of toothpaste, rub together, so that the white fruit powder is easier to wash!
】 【zipper to prevent zipper stuck in the washed clothes after the zipper got stuck often found not in the least, or not smooth. In fact, as long as the wash before the first coated with a layer of wax on the zipper, the laundry will not get stuck after the zipper
】 【ice water mixing flour, fried to delicious fried things, in addition to the furnace to draw the line properly, the outer layer of skin is also very important to the flour Oh! If you use ice water to mix the flour, fried crispy skin would be more, however, can not stir too long, because the mixing too far, will produce sticky flour, fried food but will not it delicious!
】 【remedy the half-baked rice cooked rice half-baked, you can add a little hot water, cook the mixture gently on the stove for some time to come back to half-baked rice remedies, or, you can also add in the rice cooker 2 to 3 spoons of wine, then cover and cook for a while to order!
【spray some water on the clothing of natural folds smoothly】 season, from the clothes closet out, such as suits, shirts ... and so on, more or less some folds, then spray the clothing may wish to use spray some water, hanging in the ventilation, dry clothes the next day, will naturally become smooth folds, but also on the removal of clothing to stay in mothballs smell Oh!
【】 clear brush the dirt on the brush clothes brush to use for a long time tend to accumulate dirt, this time may wish to brush soaked in brine for about half an hour, then rinse with water to clean, and soaked brine of the brush will become more durable Oh!
How to remove the bottles
【】 plastic label on the container, soak in warm water for as long as you can easily tear off the label, if still left traces, you can dip the sponge of vinegar dressing the label on it after a while and then scrub clean. If the glass is warm, like the first soak, then scrub with detergent can force the.
【】 visitor to eliminate cockroach cockroaches usually prefer a drawer in the cupboard or out of the end, if you want to effectively put an end to it, may wish to scrub clean the drawer first, on exposure to the sun until completely dry. Later, in the bottom drawer, or even sprinkled with chili powder mustard powder, and then covered with aluminum foil, you can put the items back. Because cockroaches are not like the chili powder and mustard powder such spicy food, therefore, cockroaches no longer nest in the drawer to! '
【nail polish to the belt hole is not deformed】 transparent nail polish will be applied inside the hole in the belt and around (front and back must be painted), allowing the belt holes will not be long-term use, or over-stretch and the more cracks even greater change.
elimination of the oven with orange peel
【】 oven odor after use if not wipe clean after, a long time will leave the complex taste of the food at this time, we might put some in the oven citrus peel, bake it a little roasted this way, not only can eliminate the odor in the oven, there will be a faint Oh!
【hot ginger treatment alone annoying stinky】 weather was getting hot, and there may have to pay attention to body odor! Usually try to keep the armpit dry to pay attention to personal hygiene, the other, may wish to wash with hot ginger armpit, or the salt sizzling, wipe the armpit with emery cloth to wrap the long run the effect will be good yo !

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