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Mulberry tasker 215316 Tel

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PostPosted: Tue 1:03, 24 May 2011    Post subject: Mulberry tasker 215316 Tel

Mold surface finishing

ROJECT2007 No. 5 (Total 74) Figure 2 Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing rendering plus I can turn direction. Japan has developed a CNC grinding machine can achieve automated three-dimensional surface mold polishing. In addition, because the mold cavity of complex shape, any kind of polishing method has certain limitations should be noted that the development of special grinding and polishing methods such as extrusion grinding, electrochemical polishing, and ultrasonic polishing compound polishing technology and equipment to improve mold surface quality. With the precision and large molds to develop in the direction of the ultra-precision finishing technology over lmm and collector, chemical, ultrasonic, laser and other technologies integrated with composite processing will be developed. Two or more process characteristics of both composite processing technology in the future prospects of mold. Mold surface finish in grinding grinding machine used in three main types: surface grinding machine,abercrombie et fitch, internal and external cylindrical grinding and tool grinding. To strictly control the finishing grinding grinding grinding deformation and cracks, even very small cracks, use in subsequent processing will be revealed. Therefore, the grinding of the feed to be small, not large, the cooling fluid to the full, dimensional tolerances in the parts to try to 0.01mm or less constant grinding. The calculation shows, 300mm long steel, temperature 3 ℃, the material of around 10.8mm changes, l0.8 = 1.2X3X3 (per] OOmm deformation of 1.2mm / ~ C), the finishing operations are take full account of the factors. When choosing a proper grinding wheel grinding is very important, high vanadium steel for the mold status of high molybdenum, used for GD compared single-crystal corundum grinding wheel, when the processing of tungsten carbide, hardened high hardness of the material, the priority to the use of organic bond agent of the diamond grinding wheel,christian louboutin sko, the organic binder from the sharpening wheel is good, grind up the workpiece roughness Ra = 0.2ram, in recent years, with the application of new materials, CBN grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels show that very good processing results, in the NC forming grinding, coordinate grinding machines, CNC grinding machine internal and external finishing, better than other types of wheel. Grinding, wheel dressing should pay attention to in a timely manner to maintain a sharp wheel, when the wheel after passivation, the surface slip in the rub, squeeze,Mulberry tasker, resulting in surface burns, lower intensity. Most parts of the processing board by surface grinding process, the Central Standing Committee met in the processing of a long, thin sheet metal parts, such parts of the process difficult. For processing in the magnetic adsorption, the workpiece deformation, close to the surface of the table, when the won the workpiece,mac cosmetics wholesale, the workpiece deformation response will be produced,abercrombie milano, the same thickness, but mainly the parallel, the solution can be separated from the magnetic grinding method, grinding the workpiece with high pads below, surrounded by block hilarious, small feed processing, multi-knife, a good side processing, you can no longer pad high block, direct adsorption process This can improve the grinding effect, required to achieve parallelism. Rotary shaft with its extensive use of internal and external cylindrical grinding process and tool grinder. Processing, the equivalent of the first frame and top bus, beating the problem if it exists, the processing out of the work piece will have the same problems affecting the quality of parts, so to do a good job before processing the first frame and the top of the testing. The inner hole grinding, the coolant contacts to fully poured into the grinding position, in order to facilitate the smooth discharge of grinding. Processing of thin-walled shaft, the best technology platform by clamping, the clamping force can not be too large, or the circumference of the workpiece easily lead to a project for a high I1l_n Since its founding more than twenty years Brastel. Supported by the advanced units. To the processing from the basic to the present stage of development, manufacturing and distribution and so on. The company is the production and by Cao CNC computer lathe tools, milling tools and a variety of replaceable tool of professional producers. Now. In order to provide customers a wider service. Europe and America in particular the introduction of optical projection grinding machine. ■ PCD and CBN production of throw-away cars, milling. Thickness and level of above products have the distinction. Brastel inventory with complete specifications of the crystal. Customers in Southeast Asia! To thank all my colleagues, the support and love. ● Brastel will quickest delivery speed, the best price, best quality products. Welcome to the guide I consult my colleagues calls Chongqing Address: Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Central Qing Shui Xiu Garden Road, Building 8, No. 4 Code: 215316 Tel: 0512.82098961 Fax: 0512.82098962E-maihkscxd @ 263. net2007 No. 5 overall No. 74 I) MOULD & DIEPROJECT Die Engineering 129


mulberry laukku guide sleeve

ed hardy suomessa j

mulberry väskor June 7

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