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christian louboutin sko

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PostPosted: Tue 0:08, 24 May 2011    Post subject: christian louboutin sko

,mulberry københavn
Military medicine cabinet under the counter forming process and die design

Degree K = 982.2ram. According to (} / b) × 100 = 0.049. / B: 0.59,christian louboutin sko, look-up table shows the number of drawing n: 2. (2) School School stretch factor. By the formula ml = R / '0 .5 D a 0.707q),mulberry helsinki, where = B = B A and a 50t = 471-115 = 356nun,abercrombie outlet, can be obtained m 【: 80/226.2 = O. 354. According to the numerical investigation ml (stamping Manual> Table 4-15 know m. <[M.】 = 0.55, indicating that stretching a problem. These are in accordance with the angular separation and Verification (n-1) ultimate tensile Chung-factor approach to checking the. then rectangular pieces respectively 1st and 2nd check tension coefficient of the formula: ml: Rl / R = 80/153: 0.52,: 40/80; 0. 5, No. 1 tension coefficient and the cylinder close to the allowable tensile coefficient, 2nd stretch factor and allow the tension coefficient of cylindrical pieces were quite different. rectangular drawing with material transfer coefficients comparable ultimate tensile round tube smaller pieces. and then aluminum drum washing machine according to the existing tension data, aluminum 【m.】 = 0.3-0.35, [J, l2】 = 0.4-0.45; Abdullah Al 【m .】 = O.35 a O.4, a 【m2J = O.45 O.55, and ml, the foot compared to that required to meet the stretch factor. Laundry inside the barrel pulled into tension as the criteria to determine whether different size is not very different, but the tension is very different times. designed J, I. and 17/.2 also a little adjustment, considering the success of the 1st stretch, 2nd pull fails, there are remedies Yak, it continues to draw the parameters of the above calculation process parts shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 mold machining process is completed parts diagram by test mode, although successful, but because there is no double-action press. only 4 column 300 ~. N and 5 deleted hydraulic press. The first 2 blank holder can not adjust the tension, pressure and the gap can not be adjusted as well, often resulting in crack. the way to solve this problem can be modified equipment, but no time. If you look at the product mix changes size, change some parameters, change the 2 to 1 times the tensile stretching, can solve the equipment problems, but also eliminates the need for bulging under the counter before the annealing process. After consultation with the customer, will =, ~ ram into R = 50nan meet the technological requirements after. After estimation, taking R = 50nan still in the transition state, must take measures conducive to stretch, which increase the radius of die, take rd = 25-30ran, taking a single gap .25 t, corner clearance to take 1.3t, mold surface roughness ugly. ≤ 1.6ftm. in the production must be both sides of lubrication, lubricants, molybdenum disulfide used by the trial plus lard and additives, such as adjusting the blank holder force measures. drawing die structure shown in Figure 3. test mode and found that stretch with u is not successful, not successful aluminum stretch, then switch LF2 aluminum alloy tensile manganese as 201 power. LF2's :108-142NPa, = 49MPa.】 o = 19%, the yield ratio / = 0.4, smaller than I.F2 is conducive to lowering tension coefficient. Therefore, material from the LP2 to LF1, rejection rate at 3% 0-57oo, to normal production. 123 A dry tensile modulus of the structure 4567891o Week 3 1. on the template 2. discharge spring 3. Die 4. guide sleeve 5 pillar 6. stripper plate 7 blank holder 8. punch 9. top stalk l0. under the floor II. Plate Section 4 bulging mode structure is a rectangular box under the counter drawn parts, bulging is large. bulging deformation rate with extended more appropriate definition of the volume change rate change rate and area are not suitable. outside the port area near the deformation of the biggest, = 10.5% <19% × 0.75 = 14.3%, the elongation of tendon pressure at the end 8: 11% (14.3%. under the counter through the stretched thickness of the situation is outside the mouth part of the thickening, there are no major changes in the thickness of the bottom. elongation from the material are beyond the maximum term investment, the pressure outside the mouth of the bottom bars and After the analog part of other process parameters, but also allowed. Therefore, the bulge (including behind the beading process, etc.) is feasible. Bulging rafter punch with polyurethane rubber, Shore A hardness of 7O 80. die structure shown in Figure 4 said. pull out:. Figure 4 bulging mode structure 1. on the template 2. punch 3. platen 4. the right activities, 5 pieces. polyurethane convex cross 6. Die 7. under the template 8 mandrel 9. encountered expected board lO. Left activities pieces revised process plan is: a stretch of a material under a pressure bulging plastic reinforced bottom middle side of a pressure all sides. References 1 Wang Xiaopei stamping manual. Machinery Industry Press, 1990.2 Wu Poetry Xing and so on. stamping technology. Northwestern University Press, l987.


mulberry oslo June 7

mulberry vesker model specifications

ed hardy schweiz

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PostPosted: Sat 22:50, 28 May 2011    Post subject:

frustration in life there are too many, too many disappointments,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],
whenever something goes wrong when we would complain about is how much he is the poor unfortunate,
have time to complain as the side step down to think about what did it himself.
heavy load of the heart. How many Forget the past? How many memory did not leave scars?
Life is not a cup of wine drunk is not the hero, not drunk, not the hero.
So I can only half-drunk half awake you when you can become Daisen vulgarity that it?

heavy load on the heart. Searching, when the character to life, back to nature?
breakthrough in the spiritual quagmire when
? New life can be locked when the coordinates? When to stretch the mind full of wrinkles?
Perhaps love family friendship with the heart had tired of the process?
Perhaps,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the so-called proud and with the arrogance, tired of heart had to pay the price?
perhaps, the human soul at some level,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the really hopeless?
perhaps, what might not going to think,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], be an unbearable burden of life to reduce it.

melt the years, time flies, sand the course of history the Rolling Stones, washing out several Xu Qingjing it, how and who can travel freely out of human society, it,
alive, it is doomed to run around with hard work, we can do is do not let tired heart.
people really feel the soul will grow up the load, mental stress, than the most extravagant hopes of a happy childhood,
really hope I never grow up.
people living in the north-south, many of the surface of chic and suave really do represent their inner world, in fact, many of the answers are negative.
Perhaps there is a story deeply engraved in the hearts of everyone, and accompanied by a lot of growth to give you my insights and inspiration, we can do is do not let your heart too tired.

everyone has in the past, the memory of the past to form a heap in the corner of my heart.
day by day, and my heart filled with more and more children are getting heavier and heavier heart.
why not try to over those who do not discard all the happy things, people live in the world there are numerous too.
there are too many of those minutes, too many moments, there are too many choices, too much frustration,
But too numerous
behind, you can only let the heart to bear precipitation;
long life is also a moment of life, let alone to the sentiment right heart,
Maybe Watch
scarred heart to the last drop of tears when life no longer has long there will be no moment,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!

life is a constant drift of the process, you and I walked everywhere, everyone, and perhaps will become a relay station, a passer,
always liked Remembrance, like to look back, like do not forget. But now found deep in the heart, those things already in their time into oblivion,
Do not let the heart
tired, do not recollected too many people and things have been not his own.
For once the post, only editing, but can not stop, for once in passing, can only be grateful, can not stay strong.
only non-stop pace of life forward,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it may be time in life not death vest to find their own soul.

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