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balance wristband To love and be a mute.

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PostPosted: Tue 5:16, 01 Mar 2011    Post subject: balance wristband To love and be a mute.

I can go and thank you who visit relatives? The girl asked the parents. He said no, and he lived far away, was a distant relative, the girl's parents say, but I do not know why the expression was very nervous.
their world without sound, but also has ops.
marriage, everything is so calm and happy.
me to marry you. I do not pity you, because - I - love - you! The last three words, she did not sound, but with silent lip reading.
girls can not afford the full tuition fees, although some schools have been less tuition, but tuition for girls is still a big problem.
lights went out, surgeon come out of the boy said: The operation was successful, but she can no longer speak ... ...
However, God once again fooled by this hardy ducks, happy life lasted only four years.
boy looked at her anxiously, eager to know the reason he came to the hospital.
family of girls and boys are not wealthy, they are very serious study, I hope one day to come out ahead. Boys than girls session.
her trembling opened the envelope,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], an old worker of his writing:
Suddenly, she found a letter lying on the tombstone ... ...
Then she looked at the boy, waiting for his answer.
thought he was gone, they will not shed tears, a few years later, but tasted the taste of salty tears.

boy serene his eyes closed, mouth smile said he did not go too painful.
holiday, the girl back home. A boy's news? The girl asked the boy's parents. No, we are very worried about the boy's parents said the mouth, face is unusually quiet.
corrosive acid gas, hot steam, three meters away could not see anything in the shop ... ...
girl standing shop door, looked at the boy's figure is no longer straight.
sad girl locked himself in a room and cried for three days, then she back pack. After all, the love of the people who, though gone, but life goes on ... ...
she was looking, she looked in every department, but can not find the boy. The teacher said: Last year, the boys have to report ... ...
fleeting four years, the girl got a diploma and an internationally renowned business employment contract.
the first year, the boy admitted to the university, went to the field; Before I left, the girl said,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], waiting for me, I will find you. The boy nodded his head, set foot on the train away from home.
the second year, the girl got the admission notice. Standing in front of the University, the girl's beauty attracted many boys and girls stop the envy.
but sometimes, white lies expressed love, but not the words you can pass ... ...
period of the day, the girl received a letter from home, the letter told her parents, have a relative willing to support her through college, the girl laughed, and on the university, this is the first time she laughed out.
boy suddenly appeared in front of him, a thick bandage wrapped around his neck. How the? The girl asked anxiously.
several times, she seemed to see the boy's figure, but when she was chasing the past, that figure has already disappeared in the vast sea.
then, the boy saw the girl happy eyes: Now, she and like him again.
why, finally walked in together, but alone,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], why do you go first, you have the heart to leave me alone in this world?
a few years later, the morning twilight of her standing in front of the camera boy, put his favorite lily.
... ... so many years, perhaps, no longer without telling you.
once, there is a dumb little boy.
girl was admitted to the hospital.
she can not wait to return to the home, the boy's parents finally yield to the girl's firm attitude, to say the boy's where the factory.
girl from the mouth of his parents know, the boy arrived in the city, she laughed because she knew he was the guardian of the boy in silence.
boy can not help falling in love with the girl, but he also understands that he was just dumb, and for him, the girl is like a portrait of Venus, is expected, but not impossible.
she gently stroked the boy's photo, and finally, she murmured:
do just because I deceived you, you have to do it away from me ... ...?
his work was accidentally wire cutter to the neck, did not die have to be thankful for. His workers said.
girl crying, crying so sad, the tears fell on the ground and look forward to over the past year with the fall crush.
boy had cancer, malignant late.
girl did not cry this time, she knew the boy wanted her to live strong.
trust, honesty, love the basis of ... ...
boy cried, and then she was wheeled into the operating room watching.
tears they flow down the girl, the boy was whining cries attracted a read here. Suddenly, like an electric shock as the boy disappeared into the fog in the hot steam. Girls rushed into it, but this is not, nor is that each individual film is to break the girl's hope.
until one day ... ...
that you see in the hospital bandages wrapped around his neck, in fact, not a work-related injuries. A famous surgeon using an artificial vocal cord vocal cords for the reconstructive surgery he had done, he can speak very early. But because we know that you are about to lose the language ability, he put the joy hidden in the bottom of my heart. To you, he is willing to continue to be dumb ... ...
Finally, an intelligent girl to understand, the boys have disappeared. But she did not say broken, the joy she buried in the bottom of my heart, and she must seriously study and to graduate, she must find the boy ... ...
I want to marry you, the girl said that although she Beiqiang De DC tears, still face, such as peach smile, which she practiced for four years.
I ... ... the girl said slowly, my vocal cords a tumor, if the operation would, perhaps, I will lose sound. This girl said, but actually revealing the eyes of a joy.
boy looked at her, suddenly gone, and again disappeared in the steam inside, once again disappeared from her life.
girl's friends to comfort her.
Finally, in the most inside a workshop, the girl found the strange yet familiar figure.
his neighbor is a beautiful girl, if you want to describe her beauty and gentle, then - perhaps hidden from the wings of angels now!
day, the boys have a lot of good around the girl's side, but the girl's heart, only her dumb brother.
girls still strong and up, she believed the boy got to be somewhere trying, so she will not give up.
her laborious only one name just learned sign language: I love you! Boys also made the same gesture shaking.
they married, plain, simple wedding.
... ...
girl finally, and shook the boy getting cold hands, sobbing into a resounding cry from the sadness of the hospital.
From that day, the boy returned to the girl's side, meticulous care of her. Before the operation, the girl looked at the boy, said: Maybe this is my last word you said.

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