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Adjust the position of employee dissatisfaction co

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PostPosted: Thu 19:11, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: Adjust the position of employee dissatisfaction co

for this In the end is a malicious litigation or hype? According to national law,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only the parties subject to personal injury in order for a mental claim , did not involve personal injury , Huang Mingfang how can the spirit of the claim ?
plaintiff Huangming Fang Jie Chi was originally a Sichuan Natural Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as Chi McNair ) warehouse keeper . September 18 last year , the company transferred to analysis chamber to her work. Huang Mingfang led negotiations to find the company , requiring refused to return to jobs after Kuguan the caller and the company to court . Huang Mingfang husband Li Yueping said that in addition requested the Court to require the company to resume the former wife of jobs and wages , but also require the company to reissue the work in the unit during his wife 's holiday overtime pay , paid annual leave, wages and other costs 10 million 194,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],910,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],148 yuan , and the spirit of the claim .

this, Chengdu, some of the legal profession that, since labor costs are very low class of cases , some citizens in the course of practical action , make some of the more extreme demands. Knowing that the court can not make judgments of requests insisted suspected of malicious action, take judicial manpower and financial resources , but also a waste of judicial costs.
(Reporter Yuanyuan Wang Rengang intern tax ) under the conditions without negotiation , the company adjusted the work of a staff , this staff has put forward the spirit of the claims of up to 194,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],910,148 yuan . This Costs related to labor disputes , the court received only 10 yuan . This appeal to the legal profession , civil litigation experience labor disputes to be cut when the actual costs low and not due to malicious action.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Sat 6:03, 16 Apr 2011    Post subject:

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2089890 2005 年 08 月 08 日 01:38 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Games Animation

Haruno Sakura
Date of birth: 3 / 28 (12 years old, Aries)
the ninja school graduates from the best students, who had the same bright with the Aries temperament. And its handsome tenacious pursuit of Sasuke Qierbushe, also in line with the Aries personality Ganaiganhen; the same time, in the face to her and said good-ming Li, and also showed the disdain Aries MM. The appearance of such a reserved, yet inwardly Taidalielie girl, but has a good and straightforward black and white heart and a firm position that this point of view, is not and the character of Aries coincides with it? Is she your favorite?
fall times Dowding
Date of Birth: 5 / 1 (12 years old, Taurus)
eye-popping game on this one little fat can not be ignored opponents Oh. A barbecue in this encounter, the Taurus on what Dugan gourmet genius, but also has a nirvana, that is, body surgery - bombers tank! The food at any time, with admission of overweight children, be able to think of food in the face of powerful enemies to weaken Shihai fear, it seems is a good trick. Taurus MM do not know whether this kind of psychological suggestion often used it?
Red teacher
Date of Birth: 6 / 11 (27 years old, Gemini)
the red-eye, red-lipped beauty long method is good at all the magic of the tolerance level of the master Oh! But in the patriarchal Naruto manga, did not see her display techniques is a regrettable thing indeed! Therefore, the characteristics of Gemini is also seen prominent, but their dress and style for one, can see the shadow of Gemini Brisk weird, do not understand, and went to see her three favorite pupil, is give you the same feel?
Date of birth: 7 / 3 (13 years old, Cancer)
this and super COOL Sasuke as a small guy, but also the number one last new ninja school, but also has a generous blood on the excellent to the descendants of the family, nirvana looked down upon by even more than with the insight to write round eyes Sasuke Oh! Another technique is a gentle fist on the well-known to the family secret, direct attacks on the system's boxing context. Ning plays a more and looked down upon with, the point man acupuncture points. In Naruto there which is a wonderful merit. And this is more or less indifferent child element has to be feared. Fortunately,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], later relieved of the knot, return to the good nature Cancer.
Uchi help Pozzo
Date of birth: 7 / 23 (12 years old, Leo)
Sasuke now as most of the year Liuchuan Feng, from the manners to talk, then their skills will certainly become the new generation of idols Oh! Everywhere have become the focus of his, speaking from this side is very consistent with the style of Leo proud. Calm, decisive and timely initiative,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that the audience is the guy born with amazing talent. But is such a child, but carrying too much hatred, too much to bear alone, why this guy is pregnant anime hate it? Admit defeat but always believe that the character of Leo let him out of the shadows.
teacher Kakashi
Date of birth: 9 / 15 (26 years old, Virgo)
have to say that the role! MM most boring teacher Kakashi like appearance. This is always covered with a ninja forging a written round of the eye with sloppy man, always doing things inadvertently, not play to reveal the charm,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that head teachers jealous Akai teeth itch is also a tolerant smile. Like his smile and facial features low-Organisation looks after the calm, cool spirit like his own right, men like his style of humor, calm, and Oh, such a mature virgin man , but also tough and beautiful, people really like to died.
vortex Naruto
Date of birth: 10/10 (12 years old, Libra)
really lovely child. If Sasuke was then Liu Chuanfeng, then Naruto is the result of the Yingmuhuadao, not always throw in the towel, always strong in his early personality left him out of embarrassment in front of Sasuke. And this naturally has a strong power Jiuwei Hu children, the future and has quite a lot of energy, at this point he was never superb, nirvana is a promising self-explore. As straightforward and kind personality and Surprise are always scenes of this interesting children also won overwhelming applause. It is Wenna first.
Mitarai red beans teacher
Date of Birth: 10/24 (24 years old, Scorpio)
bloodthirsty problems teachers have red beans, maybe once a big pill with the disciples about it. Leads people to feel a little nervous of. Can do on the second examiner in the tolerance test seat, no 有两把刷子 but will not work. However, in the whole drama teacher in the techniques rarely seen red bean, but Scorpio's IQ, which is very high, so do not go, you can also think of the beauty and skill!
Li Luoke
Date of Birth: 11/27 (13 years old, Sagittarius)
said sparrow fly first, and Li can be cute and ordinary people can not grasp the five patients with Chinese body is very rare. Sagittarius the best place to move people, is simply the bold, kind of aggressive aggressive. When Li was finally knocked to the ground of sand and forbearance when, who did not feel he is really hard in the battle, with his life in combat it? This is the shooter's style, once decided, will go all out to have no regrets even if all paid.
at the Hinata
Date of birth: 12/27 (12 years old, Capricorn)
this one appeared to look delicate and charming girl, but also to the family of authentic Japanese blood, also inherited the same time with the rather supercilious effort, but rather in the second grade on a lot of Jackson. Timid, cautious, careful Capricorn personality did not dare to face her own life and future, but fortunately, Naruto on the impact of her change her mind. Then she is the thanks Naruto, or to thank her, like this can affect many people around the positive role?
oil female Shino
Date of Birth: 1 / 23 (12 years old, Aquarius)
this always wrapped the body with clothing, wearing sunglasses but said nothing of the boy. But has skills to kill insects. The story of the ninja, the worm actually endure can also be used as tools, boring is the first time I heard. But for the Aquarius people, only think, not impossible, if possible, I guess, the air will also be used to make their weapons. To scary when it!
every day
Date of birth: 3 / 9 (13 years old, Pisces)
Chinese clothing to wear pink every day appearances, stunt flying is a crack shot mark. Agile Brisk Pisces and she has behaved. Unfortunately it, Pisces is definitely the role of such tenderness Naruto The hard-liners do not match, so the scenes in the story every day, it is rarely, if to expect, only the lower part of the animation will look somewhat soft romantic ingredients (in fact, in all, Naruto can not but feel that there is no romantic = =)

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