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Jordan Shoes 2011 Manchester Terrier Dog Breed His

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PostPosted: Sat 11:37, 14 May 2011    Post subject: Jordan Shoes 2011 Manchester Terrier Dog Breed His

cription: The Manchester Terrier comes in two heights, the standard and toy. The standard height is 15 to 16 inches with an average weight of around 18 pounds, with the bitch being slightly less at 17 pounds. The Toy breed is 10 to 12 inches in height. Their weight is around 6 to 8 pounds, and in the United States they are accepted at 12 pounds. This breed's head is closely skinned, extended,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and narrow. The head is almost flat with a slight notch to the forehead. Their ears when natural are V in shape and half erect, with the folded front flap. In the toy variety ears are usually totally erect. If cropping is permitted, the ears are cropped long and pointed. The eyes are almond shaped, and dark in colour. The teeth should meet in a level or scissor bite. They have a black nose. The tail is thick at the base and tapers to a point. The coat comes in black and tan, with distinctive starting and stopping points, and does not have blending. The coat is dense and short and tight to the skin.
History: Here we see the oldest known Terrier breed. The Manchester Terrier, like most terriers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], were bred for ratting. This breed started in the 19th century, in the city of Manchester,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in England. This breed is known as the best rat killing breed, of dog. In a contest, held in Manchester, a dog called Billy was said to have killed a hundred rats in 6 minutes and 13 seconds. This breeds' gene pool comes from crossing black and tan terriers with the Whippet. This breed became a companion dog in Queen Victoria's era, where small dogs became popular as people followed Queen Victoria's lead. The Doberman Pinscher looks in fact, comes from this breed rather than the other way around.
Temperament: The Manchester Terrier is intelligent and eager, to learn. With their ability and a true Terrier nature they can be independent and faithful. This dog is exceptionally lively and will require plenty of walking and play. This dog will enjoy plenty of exercise off the lead, as their need to be running is high. This breed loves to please their owners, and can be fantastic in activities such as agility training or obedience trials. With their great want of your attention,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they do require good leadership from their owner, and plenty of mental and physical exercise. Without the daily activities, this dog can get stressed, when left alone. This can lead to boredom and destructiveness, and they have been reported to be excessive barkers if ignored. If good leadership is established, you as the owner are allowed to leave the dog, but the dog is not allowed to leave you. So if your dog feels they are the leader you should not leave them. So establishing good leadership with your dog can prevent so many problems and give your dog the confidence to be alone. This breed loves to be with their family and will love nothing more than walking with them daily. Socialise, this dog well as a puppy, and give good rules and leadership to gain the best from this breed.
Health issues: This breed can have glaucoma, blood problems, Von Willebrand's, which is a bleeding problem, this is rare. They may have heat problems so keep a good check of their skin in hot weather.
Grooming: This breed has little to no grooming requirements. Rub over with a rubber brush to add a shine to their coat as and when you wish.
Living conditions: The Manchester Terrier is good for apartment living, providing, they have had plenty of outdoor exercise. This breed is active in doors and will do well with the small size garden but can cope without a garden.

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