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The Best Christian Louboutin Shoes

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PostPosted: Sat 12:11, 02 Apr 2011    Post subject: The Best Christian Louboutin Shoes

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PostPosted: Thu 11:52, 14 Apr 2011    Post subject:

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Reprinted from 124232952 at 14:01 on January 28, 2011 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Classical Essay

Second, on the respiratory pulse given pulse beginner, you should carefully set the clock in order to breathe, then skilled, and you do not have the number of breathing, but also closed his breathing, pulse and then listening carefully . Do not cut went through the motions, that is only diagnose the troubles of a form.
Third, exercise watch pulse watch pulse method known disease known disease, not impossible, but hard to play Kulian. Great part of the people, side to pulse, and questioned the patients: headache? Chest pain before? In this way, we will not see the clock, so the learning pulse diagnosis, we should look at the clock was not to busy to ask patients, and slowly will be able to experience the natural diseases of the reflected pulse.
Fourth, the basic spirit of the clock pulse diagnostics are two relative: a few, there is late, there is sliding, there is Shibuya, a big, there are small, short or long. Them from the relative to find out it reflects the mechanism of illness and disease as a basis for diagnosis and prescription.
five, flat contacts and the disease often clock and clock pulse of different diseases, to ease the level to independence for the disease. It has more detail in the Jingyue exposition. What is independence? Independence is different. Veins have three, six hands; as five equal, a different, and that is sick. The so-called different, is dominant, single small, single virtual, independent reality.
six pulse can reflect not only the level of life and death and Shouyao temperament who have flat veins, the patient has the patient's pulse, and pulse-off, according to disease, we can see life and death.
seven strange Pulse as appear, that the majority of dead clock, can not have life. Ill for a long pulse, a Wei Qi is life. The so-called Wei Qi in the vein, the so-called All six, as the case, then all there Stomach
In addition, the scale is the root of life, unable to foot the Ministry of subtle symptoms, although light, but indicate the true pulse of the disease, is precarious. If two feet weakness , but floating loose, then life can not exceed three days.
pulse can know, according to emotional ups and downs, will be the joy, anger: Xinmaitong floating large, the main heart pregnant, six-volt pulse, the main Concerned demoralized, depressed, poor appetite. Also, it will levy from the veins of a person's character test: pulse number of illnesses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the brash, gentle supple pulse, then the people are nice. Pulse not only of perceived level of people's temperament, but can see the length of life. Long-short pulse such as a person, as a great loss of life only 30 years old. One short pulse length, but also a great loss of life can only have 40 years of age, length of flat contacts for the longevity of the sign. Look both to know Shouyao pulse, then pulse condition characterized by good times or bad, is not impossible to test. Disease is indeed real pulse cis, cis temple virtual virtual clock; disorder virtual reality for the reverse pulse, the virtual clock is actually against the disease. This is, of course we known, do not repeat them.
seven pulse expressed by a variety of symptoms have a good pulse, showing obvious symptoms. For example, some of the central hollow space on both sides of veins, bleeding too much disease, often Seeing. Abnormal pulse and pulmonary veins appear Seeing , for the pulmonary hemorrhage. Such as the hollow found in the stomach off, compared to gastric ulcer. Hollow in the middle and lower part of the focus, it indicates the focus of bleeding in the next, the man was bleeding colon (intestinal wind ), women were uterine bleeding; as was no bleeding, that can not help but want to be bleeding. Loud pulse number, found in the Ministry inch, the pulse of the oncoming force, like a hammer blow, high blood pressure have this clock . Department of hypertension and some can not afford to its feet. I have to clock XX father is. Blood pressure pulse is varied, but can also detect the disease known by veins. Rheumatoid arthritis, the number of pulse strings hard. The so- called string hard, that is, with some strong chord in the elephant, because it seems the wind is taut vein. There is not tight, there is the string that moisten; string for the wind, moisten the wet. Pulse string is malaria, which has some of the time between cold and heat. No strings are non-positive malaria, and thus the shape of the cold and heat are different. How I saw in the relevant departments string, but no abnormal-inch foot, off alone How the weak, must for the stomach, and poor appetite. Another example is the heavy hand on the pulse of weakness, but as part string, the wood is g soil, Lord diarrhea or diarrhea before dawn. There are ups and downs, such as pulse level, see the first big first in small, primary abdominal disease. See the Department of tight foot vein for back pain, due to feeling cold pathogen. The upper part of the wind, the big-inch floating pulse. Floating off the main wind in. Shen small scale, a main back foot soreness.
eight, arteries and veins scattered pulse shape and pulse shape of the patient to designate some of talk here to ask artery: the body near Lake sphygmology like poetry, said: bean-shaped group, which was originally a stroke of yin and yang, the virtual winner who shake Come On. No head no tail is how do you say? That is the central independent action, two are empty. In other words: Close Yaohuang to move, inch ruler does not have this phenomenon. The so -called Yin and Yang Yin and Yang Xiang Bo, the substitute blood. An imaginary person shake the winner's victory Xi means good health, although the artery without problems, but because it is too thoughtful. Distinguish moving and sliding, slippery pulse, such as beads go plate, moving the beads, such as hold, but still want to move around the beads, it seems the situation could not press it. Scattered pulse shape is also worth mentioning: this clock by it, and sometimes there is here, sometimes there is not, sometimes the middle, scattered veins like unfettered body, Pregnant women are scattered pulse, compared with sitting capacity. If you do not have full-term and casual vein, compared abortion with the rules. There is a woman, because of intestinal fever, heat forced abortion, dying, to invite visits, said to be extremely serious illness. Asked me this disease will not die? I said there is a glimmer of hope. Husband is doing his medicine business, but also worshiped the teacher. May have been his teacher had examination. Her husband that my diagnosis wrong, that is bedridden scattered pulse die; because she was cold typhoid has been a month. But this morning he did not know his wife is the flow through the production. I am also in the morning when the medical consultation. Abortion pulse dispersion, so there is still a hope. The results I have for her cured.
IX may be treated according to the method of pulse-inch off the left liver string floating wind. Size small, for the essence poor. Ministry of hands floating foot a good climate, central difference, Shen Hou also deviation, should boost yin essence, do not use drugs too dry. Long haemorrhagic disease, pulse will be hollow, the woman has such a vein, often a long delay hyperlipidemia, and some even drag more than 10 months. There was a village woman, the first month had a baby, bleeding lasted seven months. Because do eat, and sometimes good, and therefore has no treatment delay. This is due to uterine bleeding and subsidence, the blood only then can rise. But the course of time bleeding, Qi can not be lifting with the rules, it is bleeding. The hollow and weak pulse. The results supplement the law with a rising cure.
ten, pulse diagnosis is not wrong, according to certain diseases, there certain types of pulse, according to which to infer disease, can be correct. Even the scenario million special, and if the same pulse, the disease is still not Gaiyi also designate the. I remember when the doctor in Hong Kong, a man could have been appendicitis abdominal pain, read the clock, say there is abdominal pain syndrome. The patient asked me: What did you say? I said: You are on the right abdominal pain. Because the number of your right hand pulse disease. He said: You wrong, you did not know I was appendicitis? In fact, right now diagnose the troubles that his abdominal pain, and more can be attacked, according to the use of pulse and diarrhea therapy. Pulse is still not deceive me. There is also a medical case when the matter in Hong Kong: Hong Kong has a pregnant woman, whose name Jiao Zhao XX, at the time of menstruation to stop for two months, the Western Zhang XX diagnosis is pregnant, my diagnosis likewise. Later in the five months, the abdomen is not large, and went, Dr Cheung for censorship, by abdominal or touched, can not hear what auscultation. Called her back to Guangzhou for more FDD. She had produced a man and woman, so for pregnant non-pregnant, do not care, just want to see if there gynecological diseases. So to my office referral. I said: Chaozhou people say She asked me what therapy? I said: Give Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, reuse Guiqi. The third day of referral. I watched her pulse and said to her: An example of this is to explain not only known by pulse pregnant, and that even after taking the pulse on the sensor can sense. Love the use of supplements under the clock to prop up the pregnancy, fetal pulse gas with air and thus increase wang; therefore I dare say you can know. This is also is nothing strange. The pregnant woman is very exciting to me: diagnostic methods would be too simple so old, it is some look down on Chinese medicine. Now it seems, is really admirable Pulse Study of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine can not say too clever,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]!
XI, look no fetal pulse known to have fetal pulse by the depth of knowledge and month pregnant, has been mentioned above. Some people may be made: it was just menstrual period stops and the combination of resistance and other symptoms of bad reference each other together, deduced diagnosis only . The reference I think that he can only see half. Because pregnant without pregnancy, the most complex situations encountered, if the levy under the clock, it still can be adversely affected depending on the set without the.
I now give the above three example, the following:
1, and fetal pulse period of the net after another - a woman has given birth to two girls, not given birth to a boy, four or five years because it has not become pregnant, the heart was in a hurry, want to have children, just that menstrual period before the arrival date, then ask me to diagnose the troubles at the break to give. I have observed pulse, said: Nearly two weeks, just please her family was sick visits, she also will take appointments . We are silent. I will be attending over clock, said: Her mother in law said with a smile:
2, menstruation is not due for 28 days now pregnant vein - a couple to come along with a woman patient, left slippery pulse reality. I said children. Her lover, said: Fact, the average period when the temporary and do not suggest, as long as the overdue more than one day or two do not expire too much, only 31 days, often can be seen on the pulse pregnant. The woman lives in a little astringent portal looks like, although child, but not very good, that is, the pregnancy is not solid. The woman was later closed because of rain on the terrace clothes, down the stairs when there are four, accidentally fell, and thus uterine bleeding. Looking for an injection to stop bleeding in early Western medicine began to work, but not only lasted seven days. Later, heavy bleeding, blood clots, so to my treatment. At this time fetal pulse is still, and gradually, due to physical deterioration, fetal clock pulse gas is also reduced. After about half a month,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the gradual improvement, you can walk to the clinic. Pulse area, or have a child. His wife said : a boy. This shows that: first, the 28-day clock means that the pregnancy; second, or after a lot of bloodshed, tocolysis was effective; third, the pulse remains unchanged, although falling blood, fetal remains, even if the gas is low pulse, and fetal pulse not changed, we still could diagnose their child as before pregnancy; fourth pulse is always in the left, we know that it is male fetuses.
3, judging by pulse non-mole - a place called the XX century, and is said to have a child because, bleeding, after a gynecological treatment, no good, to the purposes of curettage, she did not agree, please read Chinese. Ten of the frog test for the first time, the second one of Western medicine in the diagnosis of threatened abortion is ①, ② mole. The advice to me, I see her pulse, is pregnant. So for her treatment, the blood clean, how much vaginal discharge; still need to continue treatment. Medication period, the pregnancy has not yet returned to normal, the woman went to stool, with great efforts dedicated to notice any tire is down. Nurses to report that: about five inches long fetus, the first such large eggs; proved not mole.
4, mole pulse - the so-called grind clock, at first glance little large at first glance, feet do not slip. Chaoyang, a person had two mole, doctors removed her uterus, she would not. But they have no hope that the pregnancy. Uterine bleeding and third child, the doctor or saying we should hysterectomy, she did not agree; he looked at me. According to the pulse is indeed pregnant, they gave the drug to stop bleeding tocolysis. To meet the 10 months to produce to the doctor, the doctor was surprised. So I delivered her, gave birth to a female child. This woman think this is a victory for superstition. So I know she is pregnant, is recognizable from the pulse on the.
second, diagnose the troubles that the depth of pregnancy and pregnancy in January to March, the left-inch floating large, that is, action by the alleged hand of Shao worse, pregnant child also. Xinmaitong Floating big, also the main pregnant. Pregnant March and April, the Ministry will be sliding scale implementation. By the disease and the number of slip for March. However, while the never-ending illness, pregnancy must be more than in May. Further diagnostic methods pregnant is more common in pregnant women, mental decline, due to loss of appetite, vomiting or suffering from disease is not pulse, or pulse stronger than usual; This is a human disease and the clock is not sick, but also recognize she was pregnant The.
thirteen, the period of the clock a woman is not hot skin with no symptoms as exogenous, and there are points vein disease, not a slide, this is most likely symptoms of menstrual cramps just. The accuracy of pulse diagnosis quite often some women sick laugh: The pulse shape, the performance of her menstrual pain. This is because of menstrual cramps, like spring water downstream, flow more freely, to not have abdominal pain. If you were blocked by water as spring water, and sometimes flow more freely, sometimes not fun, then there must be abdominal pain. If the six small veins, or microstrip Shibuya-like, in this regard is the late period, or just stop off to die. Pulse a little bit sick, it is often an early period. Pre-pulse is also unhappy and this is physically weak. ** Improper, and often early and to, too much blood will come, the clock will be able to empty the Ministry of small scale; as virtual, it can not control the blood with the rules.

fourth, malignant tumor of the clock that had tumors of the abdominal vein, the state may not. A woman, beating pulse in the left foot, the number to being, there is a thorn to the side as the hook that way . I said:
fifth, straight down the clock As Mr. Zhang Luqing's straight up and down the pulse, the so-called Sichun vein, positions of public transmission, said: also. astringent than is, not an astringent, its to hard, Kennedy, twenty years before: no less than monthly. liver clock string, the left port; 故曰: For men can not have too. Chuan said the public is the same.
sixteen, learning to rely on themselves to realize pulse timing indicated by the book pulse, methods, know-how many, but are only an approximate, are some of the rules. Good yardstick Carpenter delegate to the rules, not witty. Therefore, exercise science and learning clock pulse, mainly depended on themselves to feel, to be able to comprehend it, and constantly find it

hands when we touched the pulse, the pulse has unlimited information, and how information from the diverse changes that we need to identify information? How to select the pulse to be the most important disease diagnosis and treatment of it? This is an important issue facing unarmed medical consultation. Ancients 27 pulse, ten strange pulse. That is abnormal pulse of 27 species, 27 species of this ancient people from diverse changes in the pulse is the pulse of the pulse of information extracted essence, as long as you reach such a pulse, is equivalent to find the abnormal pulse.
【1】 In a positive vein caught off the too-inch. In a positive vein, that is floating. Hong. Cloud hollow How to promote casual leather slip a few diseases such as real bear long veins in the wind blow, should focus on the second pulse in the inch off the clock to find prominent halo points, where the whole was stronger or weaker than Article vascular disease, as the clock pulse halo points are located. This is mostly because of the positive pulse more lesions outside yang pulse. Head, face, neck chest, abdomen, vital organs are all human, when human life appeared positive pulse organ diseases, mostly for serious condition . For example: Two-inch floating pulse inch of top of the frontal and temporal occipital region of the vein appears enlarged halo points, such as soybeans, can be diagnosed as upper respiratory tract infection, headache, fever or head disorders appeared. Although the Ministry of pulse time scale relative to sink, but can be discarded as a secondary pulse, because the pulse of the float-inch off the case of the relative scale Shen. Sometimes the patient's foot veins and related clock pulse independent floating-inch thin and can be diagnosed as gastrointestinal strain of influenza, because the off-foot clock Shen Fine haemaccel obvious.
example: The patient voiced vein, the left-inch pulse, pulse, and right off the right foot Shen Fine, a diagnosis of high blood cholesterol, coronary heart disease, fatty liver, stroke precursors, sexual dysfunction, right lower limb function, and numbness and other symptoms. In this pulse, the fatty liver and sexual dysfunction may find the second straight for coronary heart disease and high blood cholesterol and stroke as a precursor to.
【2】 caught in the negative pulse in the foot off the over. In the negative vein should focus on the feet and the related clock pulse too. This is because the off-foot two for the pulse of the Stomach, the pulse of the root. Negative pulse and more living human body is low, less than in all the lesions in organ function no clock root, not the Stomach, more indicates risk of disease. Negative pulse at the point of weakness in the vein halo too heavy too small and so are all too weak Void where patients.
【3】 rounds of pulse resonant find its big halo points. Many pulse corona points exist, should pay attention to the larger veins faint point, and discard the vein halo points smaller. For example, the patient has a pulse pun faint pulse in the point, right off of the clock point to a large halo, check the hepatobiliary and pancreatic patients; left off the clock if the point is a large halo, check the size of the spleen, stomach occupying disease, cervical lymph nodes. If the symptoms of anemia should also check the platelet appears to exclude hypersplenism caused by a series of clinical symptoms.
【4】 rounds of pulse corona pick their strong points. Halo points in many of the veins, the veins should be grasping the most powerful halo points. In many cases, the most powerful point at the clock for the faint lesions. For example: pun clock pulse faint and strong points in the overall pulse, occurring at the same time a strong left foot on the pulse of the vein halo, if it is left off the most powerful pulse faint point of uric acid should be examined to exclude disease, gout, and left off under the pulse faint pulse power points, size to identify the severity of the disease gout. If the halo point left off pulse weakened, then the condition in reducing gout disease; if left off pulse corona point is not apparent, gout and prompt recovery . If the right point off pulse faint and strong pulse, the focus on examination of liver and gallbladder, excluding hepatobiliary diseases such as cirrhosis and other severe inflammatory placeholder. If the left foot point of the strongest pulse corona, should focus on examination of urine glucose to exclude diabetes. Tenderness under the left foot can also be faint pulse power points to determine the severity of diabetes, as following foot tenderness increased halo points, diabetes is heavier; if the left foot point tenderness halo pulse power loss, even with the entire vascular pulse power, can be considered to control the disease diabetes. Veins in the cloud or breakdown, slippery rapid pulse on the clock to find the left foot halo points more meaningful diagnosis of diabetes.
【5】 catch pulseless. Pulse power of the weakest pulse or no pulse when the disease is often faint point lies. For example: left-inch vein significantly decreased halo points, check the left ear of the hearing or rule out the left brain CT examination of brain ischemic tissue softening. Left-inch clock pulse is still faint point of no heart should be examined to exclude heart disease, such as heart disease block, pericarditis, myocardial ischemia, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease. 【6】 catch
monoid. Monoid veins see more patients place. For example: off-inch clock pulse were normal and independent small scale should focus on checking the gastrointestinal diseases, gynecological and lower extremity joints, especially the veins found in the right foot. Weak, thready pulse whenever the right foot , multi-intestinal diseases have less menstrual stasis, if there are more pregnant women when the possibility of abortion and premature delivery, women over the age of 40 tend to see weakness in lower limb joints and the surgical removal of the uterus or ovaries or constipation , chronic colitis and so on. Single pulse whenever the strong left-foot common genitourinary system diseases. If the second clock pulse in the foot off the normal, single pulse-inch thick single fine facial features should focus on examination of heart and lung disease of the brain. If the foot two inches off clock pulse monoid normal and should focus on examination of stomach and gallbladder diseases such as liver and spleen. Been too weak Shen removed the touch should be excluded from certain organs, especially the substantive organs. Right off the clock if the strong pulse should be excluded from occupying sclerosis and other diseases stones.
【7】 rounds of pulse corona point resonance. Rounds of pulse corona points simultaneously, often prompted some diseases, such as the above tonsillitis, lymphadenitis blood diseases, metabolic diseases, the veins often show faint point to certain rules, to seize this rule, recognizing that law, the diagnosis of the disease may reach an immediate diagnosis.
short, three in Fuyang alone sink, floating alone, independent of large and small slip-free astringent strength hollow string tight real and imaginary clock hit Hong thickness and abnormal pulse should focus on examination of the corresponding human organs, and in most cases is the patient lies.

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