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nike air max Festival of thin face-lift and easy t

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PostPosted: Fri 10:16, 27 May 2011    Post subject: nike air max Festival of thin face-lift and easy t

Finally become a
After some careful planning, coupled with persistent efforts, Sign test your own weight-loss results and see how much thinner?
Seems to be blink of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, Seeing the spring sunshine is coming, too excited to wait for them to search through boxes at home in every corner cabinets cabinets to find out wearing beautiful clothes all. But you may be shocked to find this time: all those beautiful clothes do not fit, and think about it, it was all the fault of the Chinese New Year.
New Year's feast at the table in exchange for a fat accumulation and weight of the linear rise, not only those who usually proud of all the group abandoned the costumes themselves, look in the mirror, watching the feel shame.
In fact, no need to worry, face-lift does not have to be completed in the beauty salon; thin there was no need to take diet pills and diet to torture themselves, simple and effective way to not hurt the body is the best tactic. Now teach you the recipe, stop complaining, and quickly to your actions.
■ Collection of thin body sculpting
in motion
Consumption of fat by exercise has been proven effective and feasible approach, but if you pay attention to eating and drinking together on the basis of appropriate exercise, more play a multiplier effect.
Fitness center is a good choice of course, but the thought is necessary to increase the cost a small fortune, will retire Heart Italian. In fact, as long as the master of the elements of persistence, at home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], they can also achieve the effect of body sculpting.
small body sculpting
1, lying in bed, legs lift up to 30 as a group, do 4.
2, legs apart, hands flat on the body sides, rhythmic Bayao lift up, not too much attention to range, so 4.
3, the side in bed, one hand supporting his head the other hand implantation, sideways leg lift. Leg when the attention of the toes down, heel up, the other leg is curled up, speed is not too fast. 20 each leg, two legs to do shifts,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], also in the 4 groups.
4, the finished side of the leg lift, remember to take the legs acid gently place to relax muscles.
Weight loss in the eating and drinking in
Eat and drink can also lose weight? Sounds like a joke, but it is something real, healthy way to lose weight do not have to eat less drink,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but three meals a day to be exhaustive. The key is to lower the fat and calorie intake, as long as the grasp this point, the right medicine to the side you can lose weight while enjoying delicious.
Eating and drinking weight loss recipes
1. Rational allocation of three meals a day. Three meals a day in the amount of breakfast and lunch can be a little more, to try to eat dinner or fruit instead, to prevent the digestion of food can not accumulate in the abdomen.
2. Eating bulky, low-calorie foods, can satisfy the appetite without gaining weight. Melon, cucumber, cabbage, beans and other vegetables, low calories. In the fruit, watermelon and apples are good role.
3. Three meals a day try to choose low-fat foods, pay attention to protein supplement, such as low-fat fish can eat and drink skim milk. Eat more vegetables rich in fiber, such as leeks, broccoli, beans, etc., can achieve the efficacy of detoxification.
4. More tea, you can rid the body of fat. Oolong tea, lemon tea, Pu'er tea, chrysanthemum tea, and hawthorn tea has detoxifying effect Cellulite.
5. Less cooking oil, soy sauce,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], vinegar, high-calorie sauces, and more with onions, ginger, garlic and other natural seasonings instead.
6. Drink cooking soup, cooking soup with high oil content, easy to gain weight, damage to obesity.
7. Do not eat supper, 4 hours before going to bed try not to eat, otherwise the food could easily be converted to fat accumulation.
8. Alcohol is the scope of a high heat, the heat after the fat diet at the same time also pay attention to alcohol Caixing.
■ thin Mistakes
1. Slimming can be completed very soon.
Weight loss is a long process, within three to five days to see results right away is impossible.
2. Only do partial weight-loss.
Concentrated in a certain part of the weight-loss similar to the
3. Exercise intensity the greater the weight the better.
A lot of vigorous exercise can not provide good conditions for the consumption of fat, muscle will only thicken the heart overload, but also vulnerable to injuries.
4. Do not eat breakfast.
Physiologists study the metabolism of the body than the morning, good afternoon, do not eat breakfast will reduce the body's metabolism and hinder the absorption of nutrients, the body weak.
5. Stop working out make you fat.
Weight gain after stopping exercise, the key is not because of stop motion, but has stopped eating and exercise are still the same amount of food, the intake of calories from food consumed significantly more than the heat, so the cause obesity.
■ face-lift program
Face-lift and the most professional salon
1, hot and cold stone face-lift points: basalt stones and essential oils are combined therapy. Conditioning with a facial massage with skin and purification.
More effective supplement for skin minerals and natural firmness and care.
2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spring stretched to enhance shaping points: for over 30 years of age, and facial skin laxity who have more fat. Although the time to two hours, but for shaping facial skin has a good effect.
The most random face-lift face-lift massage
Important: The current multi-purpose beauty products to massage to face-lift face-lift results,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we also make your own at home, face-lift massage.
Methods: First, position the mirror on the chest, head down and saw a part of this song is to remove the fat. The massage cream or face-lift and products on both sides of the average point of the chin and cheek position. Then put his hands on the chin on both sides of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, respectively, the power of both sides of the jaw line to provide massage; then the index finger, middle finger strength, parts of cheek from the mouth to massage the way to draw a circle, slowly narrow the scope of massage, massage increases the site.
Of course spare time, and do not forget to massage the face, doing the auxiliary, the specific method is to press or tap the bottom of the chin cheek right ear, arms open, alternating from bottom to top sliding cheek muscle massage, and then in the same way Massage the left cheek. Upheld the massage, one month can receive significant effect.
Face-lift and make the most amazing tricks up their sleeves
Important: make beautiful little face, with a face-lift and make effective the fastest method.
Method: Deep foundation: makeup should choose their own color depth than the number or One half of the foundation, remember not to Bai. In addition, a number of thin spray can be sprayed to the cheeks foundation will make the face look even more thin.
Insignificant type: Xiu can be eyebrow arched, thin and tall, Mei Wei Shao Wei paintings longer, this is the secret to make eyebrows appear slim. Also want to face, thin eyebrows must have a high ceiling effect.
Thick lips: lips painted make-up to use lip liner will expand the number of lip,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lip to keep clear, thick lower lip a little square, and then with the lip gloss.
■ intimate make-up tricks up their sleeves to remind
1, daily meals can be swelling in the dampness to eat fruits and vegetables, such as melon and so on. If your face is caused by muscle huge extra baggage, then it must be, and chewing gum, sugar cane and other food say goodbye, because these foods can make the facial muscles more strong build.
2, diuretic drink tea (or coffee), so excess water can be quickly from his face. Do not drink too much before going to sleep at night, so as not to appear the next day facial puffiness.
3, wash your face when you try to wash your face with warm water and cold water interaction, to promote blood circulation and metabolism, effects of great help to achieve face-lift.
■ Follow me to do
Facial exercise to lose weight
NO1: from the forehead to the temple, his hands pressing 3-4 times.
NO2: hands the middle finger, ring finger tap alternately on both sides of the nose, repeat 1-2 times; and then massage the cheeks in a spiral pattern: the lower jaw to the ear, ears, nose to the upper ear massage, repeat 2 times.
NO3: using both thumbs, index finger alternately stroking the jaw line, from left to right and from the 3 times.
NO4: Two-hand from the bottom up stroking his neck.
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