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tory burch revas SEO Company Austin TX Search Engi

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PostPosted: Tue 8:07, 15 Mar 2011    Post subject: tory burch revas SEO Company Austin TX Search Engi

BACK-LINK BUILDING - & nbspEssential to increasing organic results

By far the most important part of SEO is ensuring you have a diverse and powerful pool of back-links. In a nutshell a back-link is another website linking to yours. Google understands the topics of these sites that are linking to you as well as their authority. There is no mathematical way to truly judge the value of another website linking to you which is why we must devote so many hours developing these resources for you and analyzing by hand what is best for your business.

All back-links are not equal. Many of our clients come to us and do not understand why they are ranking so poorly even though they have hundreds more back-links than their competitors, that are out ranking them so well . The reason for this is a single authoritative referring site could outweigh a 100 other back-links from weaker websites. You need an expert to not only determine which backlinks will help you the most in your SEO campaign, but an SEO expert to acquire these for your business.

ARTICLE MARKETING AND WEB SYNDICATION - & nbspA key for targeting longtail and unique key phrases as well as creating authority

Article marketing is great for building rankings for phrases are more complex search terms that the majority of customers use. Customers that search this way are typically more educated and further along in the buying process. They are worth their weight in gold and as part of our strategy we will be targeting these individuals. Article marketing allows us to place your websites information in key industry themed sites. This lets Google know that others are talking about you and you are involved in your industry. This results in higher rankings and a wider range of customer searches.

OFFSITE OPTIMIZATION - & nbspBuild the reputation and value of your website

At the core of our SEO strategy is building your offsite value and reputation. It is impossible to fully leverage the content that is on your website without building your websites authority and value. From back link building, article marketing, and blogging to important manual submission directories this is what will determine whether you are on page 9 or the top of page 1 for critical key phrases.
GOOGLE LOCAL BUSINESS CENTER OPTIMIZATION - & nbspThis will help increase your local map rankings

Many businesses do not understand how important your Google maps rankings are to growing your revenue. In April of 2009 Google added the local map we are all familiar with in the upper left hand side of the search results. The algorithm for this is completely different that what is currently used in organic results on the left hand side of the screen. We ensure that your business center is created and optimized in the first month of our campaign to maximize our reputation management strategies and generate top placement for your business.

The foundation of SEO is great content and attracting relevant links into your web site. Ensure you have qualified professionals creating foundational web content, as well as regular additions to your target market / industry. Adding value back into your online industry means the difference between dominating first place search results or getting lost in the fray. Only the elite can combine these skills to create content that sells and is optimized to be well ranked by the search engines.

MONTHLY REPORTING TO EVALUATE SUCCESSES - & nbspIf it can be measured it can be managed

We will report to you how your visitors are finding you, how long they visit you, where they explore, and most importantly how much your new traffic is increasing. NuArtisan is committed to personal relationships with all of our clients which is why we do not just send out meaningless numbers to you every month thinking our job is done . We take the time to sit down with you and evaluate how well the SEO campaign is going and go over the numbers as in-depth as you would like. We understand that you are trying to run a business and we want to take the SEO marketing burden from your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

At the end of the day our focus is not on rankings and it is not on just increasing visitors to your website. Our focus is ensuring our SEO efforts are resulting in huge amounts of new business and revenue for you. We understand that all the rankings and traffic in the world do not mean a thing if you are not making money. If you are not generating at least five or six times our SEO fees in new revenue for your company then we do not want your business. Our SEO campaigns are an investment and will result in huge amounts of new business that very quickly pay for our professional fees.

Please give us a call today so we can evaluate your business and discuss a search engine optimization strategy tailored specifically for you. (512) 712-5359

In this quest there can be no substitute for the human touch when managing an SEO campaign. A good SEO program from NuArtisan will incorporate consistent new content creation to ensure you are getting not only new links but quality ones from relevant sites. Unfortunately many companies are using outdated methods to optimize their site,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], possibly garnering huge penalties to their page rank. This could mean large sales losses. Is this mistake one you can afford to make?

ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION - & nbspImplementing our keyword mapping strategy into your site framework

We now have a strategy tailored to your specific business and website. We will then implement this across your website. Things such as your title elements,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], header tags, and content will be modified to ensure all of the marketing we will be conducting for your website's SEO gels together.
Where you appear in the search engine results relies on a complex algorithm that takes into account over 300 variables. This information is both highly classified and constantly changing. Only constant research and experience can keep you abreast of the latest trends in SEO for use in online marketing.

KEYWORD RESEARCH - & nbspTo determine how your customers are searching for your industry.

This is the first step in any SEO campaign. You must understand how your customers are searching for your products and services. NuArtisan bases this first critical step off of Google's data and your own websites data if you have been tracking it. Most sites when running an effective SEO program will have approximately 75% of their website traffic from unique keywords. These are phrases that might only be used to find your site once every 3 months! Meaning most your traffic will come from more complex key phrases such as>

KEYWORD MAPPING STRATEGY - & nbspWe'll determine how to best target these terms and which pages will be the focus of our efforts

Our next step is to decide how to target the most important key words for your industry during our SEO campaign. You cannot effectively optimize a website if you are only focusing on one or two pages. We ensure that all of your websites pages are having their value and authority improved, not just the homepage. Deciding on which pages of your website we will use to target specific key words is critical to the success of the SEO campaign.

Not only do you want to rank online for major searches, you also want to ensure your business is prominant when local customers are searching. There are different tactics to ensure your web site,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], phone number, address, are all easily accessible and leveraged in front of the widest audience possible. We specialize in Austin SEO tactics to help rank local web sites.

Contact NuArtisan to get a free estimate on a SEO campaign that is guaranteed to make you more money.
Why would someone want to link to your site? If you offer strong content with value to your customer base, and you invest the man hours to build relationships with other web masters, others will want to be associated with your site.

What good is your website if nobody can find it? An SEO Company in Austin, NuArtisan's unique approach and strategies in SEO will put you ahead of the competition. Here are the key elements to our SEO strategies:
If you can't figure out the answers to these questions then growth online will be painfully slow. For this reason one of the biggest factors and most challenging aspects to SEO right now, next to your on-page optimization, is having quality links to your site. Not just any link will do. In the early days, this was not as important, but the game has changed, and if you want a successful site, you must change with it.

Do you understand what constitutes a quality link? What about the anchor text? Where would you go to get good links to your site?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of combining content creation, quality links, keyword research, meta data,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and keyword placement. Leveraging these elements will ensure your website appears at the top of the search engine results. NuArtisan stays abreast of the latest trends in the constantly evolving field of SEO to help you stay one step ahead of your competition. Subscribing to a NuArtisan SEO service package helps you make money - it's an investment that will increase your ROI online.
CULTIVATE CITATIONS AND COMPANY REVIEWS - & nbspThis will help to increase your local maps rankings as well as build confidence in your customers

We include a reputation management strategy into every local SEO campaign we conduct. Google knows what your customers are saying about your company. Do you? We will create assets to help encourage your customers to write reviews and testimonials online and place them in locations that matter most. This not only affects the likely hood of someone purchasing from you but will have a dramatic impact on your Google local maps rankings.

Did you know there are additional tactics to help rank your web site locally?

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