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NBA Store All Abender Maffiliatedg The Right Footb

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User HTA

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PostPosted: Fri 9:39, 15 Apr 2011    Post subject: NBA Store All Abender Maffiliatedg The Right Footb

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User HTA

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PostPosted: Tue 9:11, 19 Apr 2011    Post subject:

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Reprinted from 309984490 at 14:33 on November 14, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary

1, I was the only umbrella, but who still wet -
2, has always been shallow edge of nowhere Wife? -
-3, he of cardamom, who promised whom the end of time. -
4, flowery Meijuan, Homecoming. -
5, some things turned around is a lifetime. -
6, a young man we give up, thought it was just a relationship, and then I, that is life. -
7, I'm still waiting for you, but you have forgotten who come here. -
8, sorrow is greater than satiated. -
9, I'm fine, no noise no trouble do not show off, do not wronged do not laugh, do not need others to know. -
10, I turned to forget you passerby, so how can accompany you to the horizon Love wasted? -
11, you take the bridge, I go underpass. -
12, stand up to Homecoming, escape youth here. -
13, the original Forever and Ever, only a misunderstanding. -
14, they are lively, and not mine. -
15, Butterfly fly, but the sea. -
16, and loved ones to quarrel, and the stranger speak from the heart. -
17, I love you, and your business. -
18, listening to sad songs, happiness and drama. -
19, the Bowl. -
20, think about you some happiness, happiness was a bit sad. -
21, fool, we are the same. -
22,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the original feel bad, like this. -
23,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hypnosis yourself, tell yourself, and happiness. -
24, you sat on the sofa wide, you love the music stopped, I waited for you day become a display ... ... -
25, this winter does not surprise me ... ... -
26, I'm your kite line in your hand, I can only accompany the wind ... ... -
27, just want to hear you say, wish me happiness. -
28, look back to light as the old, light shake hands. -
29, I turned my love is preparedness, but you still hug me. -
30, next life is no longer human, no longer meet the next life. -
31, friends are envious of me, in fact, they are envious of me. -
32, love you long time, waiting for you, but also a long time, now, I'm leaving you, than the long, long time even for a long time ... ... -
33, forget the happy, not unhappy. -
34, drag your hand once I have met. -
35, young and frivolous, happy time. -
36, I do not care I do not care about you. -
37, the next intersection, misses some kind of temperature. -
38, I believe the world is always so beautiful. -
39, I used all my fruit fruit, a Yen for your laughter. -
40, used to hard for me to miss habits, habits, and you, but it has not been accustomed to see you ... ... -
41, no place to place, our distant youth. -
42, I am falling out of love, how could you lose me. -
43, eyes in the rain for you, the heart is an umbrella for you. -
44, lonely too will attack first. -
45, has been the secret of others, will lose their happiness. -
46, is not madness, not survived. -
47, just like old love, always forget that one day, had actually thought that love to death. -
48, in hand, the lifeline to cross. -
49, got back to the past, did not return. -
50, living in a fairy tale from heaven closer ... ...
51, in the long run, we are all dead. -
52, I actually still love him! -
53, Sh ... ... listen to the voice of broken heart ... ... -
54, I was crossing the street, where were you? -
55, the age of those who were allowed to self-willed, called the youth ... ... -
56, I had the money, you come home! -
57, forget, love is the most helpless. -
58, I want to love him. -
59, your happiness is obvious, no place to hide my panic. -
60, if I turned around, no one will see my tears, right? -
61, we passed so many tests and finally returned to the origin ... ... -
62, let you crazy in the place without me, let me be strong in the world without you. -
63, every day, allow yourself indulge once, cry once, just once ... ... the rest of the time, they happily with
before. -
64, on his cruel, will make you happy. -
65, I am a good man, do not hurt me. -
66, I was protected by the shadow. -
67, escape, and finally will become old ... ... -
68, who will eventually make you fall into the trap, and a start is always good. -
69, love and death, which colder? -
70, you turn around, I go downstairs. -
-71, I just want to ask you, if I look back, you still not? -
72, when you do the time, no one will remember; when you are wrong, even the breathing is wrong. -
73, love so short, forgetting is so long ... ... -
74, waiting is the original old life. -
75, it is very, very good, but I chose not to like. -
76, a man no longer want, anything can be put down. -
77, who's lonely, cover my Chinese clothes. Who Sang Hua, covered my shoulder. -
78, pray to heaven let a pair of lovers, fear not happen ever happened. -
79, the highest state of love can stand the plain fleeting. -
80, fairy tale is over, forgotten is happiness.
81, initially did not know, and ultimately do not recognize each other. -
82, Health and wrong, not afford to die. -
83, of happiness, is to find a warm person for life. -
84, there is no trouble, but no return. -
85, to be more strong, dare not forget. -
86, looking at someone else's story, his tears flowing. -
87, I like it myself, I remember our past. -
88, left, let alone wish me happy, what qualifications you wish me happiness? -
89, had not understood the weak has been strong. -
90, do not rely on others, you also can rely on when it is put out. -
91, may go too far the price is loneliness. -
92, do not deceive me, you know that even your lies I will believe it. -
93, to leave, please, never to return. -
94, I remember, you do not miss. -
95, I am nostalgic, because I do not see you and the future. -
96, please do not pretend to be nice, I'm a fool would take it seriously. -
97, love the show, I did not acting. -
98, a person,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a city, and his distressed. -
99, every step we have to go too early, ah. caught in the learn to love before, learn to appreciate the -
before the break, before the end of the learn to face -
100, the most fortunate in my life two things: - one is the last time my love for you will run out -
;; one, a long time ago that one day I met you .......

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