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Forbidden City Tour

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PostPosted: Thu 11:55, 31 Mar 2011    Post subject: Forbidden City Tour

Kunning the Queen's Palace. To the Qing Dynasty, the emperor married to ritual and place. Thai Temple is built after the distribution of small house. This is the Queen's birthday, where interview Chaohe. 25 now on display here, the emperor's jade seal, golden seal. Palace of Heavenly Purity, Kunning, AC Thai Temple known as the "Palace of the last three." Three Palace after drawing a clear pattern of change is increasing phoenix patterns, including Sheung Fung sun, dragon and phoenix, Fei, dancing phoenix, phoenix peony pattern.
Example, the enhancement is a penalty on both sides of the residence, shrieked something Palaces. East Palaces of the East for exotic Road, there Ningshou Gong, is ready to tread down later the Qing Emperor Qianlong as the overlord of the place of dwelling and building matchless, exquisite gardens, usually known as the Qianlong Garden. In the palace, the most striking is the sixth house, south of the West Hall of Mental Cultivation. Here is the handle with the Qing emperors behind Yongzheng businesses of state. Hall of Mental Cultivation room, ordered one after the 2 emperor, which hung a yellow curtain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and this is the Empress Dowager Cixi appliance "back a shade," the place. Then 6 years wen, two small 4-year-old Emperor Kuang Hsu, to have sat on the throne as a puppet in front of, behind a shade behind the scenes along the Empress. Something behind in the sixth house, there are 5 palaces, is the Prince their dwelling. Changchun Gong and Chuxiu Gong is the Empress lived. Chu Xiugong furnishings, basically Empress 50th birthday at the scene layout. Hospital ministers hanging on the wall for her singing the compliments of Cifu.
Precisely in the inner court buildings and the wealthy flavor of life deep mysterious. Each of the gate between the palace wall, both self-contained, there Qulang, tunnels, courtyards, squares interlocked to form a complete building groups. Chu Xiugong out from the east not far away is the Imperial Garden, the garden building to Qinan Hall as the centre, dotted with pavilions of the workmen, the pool auditorium waterside, flower beds, jugged factories, vines, bamboo, antique trees, rocks, Royal Garden either beauteous spirit of harmony, but also a concept of civil aesthetic classical gardens. Chen doors down from the royal garden out to the northwardly door to the Forbidden City - Shenwu Men. Shenwu Men boarded fortress, you can look there is a turret on the northwest edge, this pavilion, 27.5 meters lofty, many more than eaves ridge, the framework of Kit Kat, across the ridge, down three canopies, polygonal across, to reserve the Yuan Dynasty palace building style.
The magnificent Forbidden City buildings, reflects the ancient Chinese people's great bravery and creativity. It is recorded that one of the Kuai Xiang Wu County, Suzhou, his father chaired over the rise and the early Ming Dynasty Palace Jinling construction works. Later, he built with his father to attend the Beijing Imperial Palace, he "proposed to project the amount of affair, precise," "Command operation, famous in the rules," "Hall of the attic where the pavilion, and even the corridors Song Yu, handy drafts, without exception, said the ambitious" . At the same period, the museum's construction, but also to going folk who brought great calamity. Wood required for construction of Ming Dynasty palace, mostly from Sichuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Guangxi and Yunnan, Guizhou and other places; the Qing Dynasty, maximum of them taken in northeastern China. Tens of thousands of meager folk were forced to transport lumber slitting in deep jungles, I do not understand how many people gone. Palace built of stone taken from the southwest of Beijing Fangshan more and Hebei winding, etc., and some stone measuring a kg, or even hundreds of kg, cropping the stone, I prodigy how many people lost their lives.
National Palace Museum, not only great ancient erections, there are many precious cultural relics. National Palace Museum accumulation of artifacts now have extra than 90 million pieces, paintings, penmanship, sculpture, inscriptions, bronzes, ceramics, needlework. Palace as the supreme seat of power up to 500 annuals, and its outlook garden and more than 9000 afforded with furniture, more than 900 million chips of masterpiece chamber, is invaluable to the Chinese nation is the spectator of the history of Chinese culture. Emperor has supreme power, but the throne of the cold. Emperor Qianlong had a "Xianghuo" Poetry: the asset of life special, chills, sensibility accurate the same. Snappers afterward Chuilian, beast charcoal in the Chi. No power to warm furs, Xianghuo when the sit. Shen ripening off the water, the United Pina wax beads fall. Spring thaw husband apartment, the clearing for agreeable ready. Is closed when the Wan Lai, Xi Yi still nameless slumber. Juventa marts sound,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chilly night air sent ... ... the one hand, the poem tells of the Emperor Qianlong of the cold, on the one hand they acquaint us the depth of winter 15 min is within Jingong how lukewarm.
Palace of the Forbidden City are mostly facing south, thick and glazed tiles covering the dome, walls thick, brick mill on the seam, extremely good insulation properties. One and a tall walls, effectively blocking the corridor into the northwest wind. All facing the South, fewer than a room in summer sunshine, winter sun, you can straight the room. Generally lower than other high palace palace, the space is relatively small, have felt the door and hanging shutters, to reduce the heat loss. Of course, the natural heating in the cold of winter can not solve the fundamental problem, assorted means of pretended heating is the cardinal heating methods Jingong.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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