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Christian Louboutin Boots,Jimmy Choo sandals-Luxur

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Like A God

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PostPosted: Sat 8:11, 26 Mar 2011    Post subject: Christian Louboutin Boots,Jimmy Choo sandals-Luxur

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],Feel like as if Heaven and put it at the same time, you become beautiful, and slender, and very comfortable. Do not let your feet uncomfortable And I did not hesitate,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he decided to take them. I'm pretty confident and ready this admiration of other look and receive compliments. And I am pleased to introduce me to this beautiful and amazing sandals.Unique style and designer scandal he had an open end.I think everything will be open end of the summer heat like. You can nail color, red or white show, I am sure that he is so cute feet. Elegant and black zipper on the back with the stamp designer zip-pull. provides comfort and it is filed.

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User HTA

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PostPosted: Wed 11:10, 30 Mar 2011    Post subject:

Zhou Junsheng: a series of problems facing the property tax levy
Zhou Junsheng financial commentators
property taxes as a
National Day eve of the seven ministries
introduced the New Deal real estate regulation, proposed a more stringent policy requirements, the introduction of property tax information also seems to have been beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the Shanghai night in the Oct. 7 in the introduction of market regulation rules, while acknowledging the pilot is actively doing the preparatory work, but still no timetable for the introduction of property tax.
early as September 1986, the State Council promulgated the Provisional Regulations on the formulation, the housing system reform in China has not carried out, mostly for the rental of residential housing type, property tax levy of little significance. In the housing system reform, the Government actively support the real estate quickly became a market, property taxes are seen as negative factors the market into the Lenggong. Today, the market regulation for the property tax as a punch, but the market's development has made the tax's introduction of the reality facing many difficulties. No control rules in the Shanghai real estate tax, is this a true portrayal of the difficulties and difficult to decipher.
challenges: the housing levy to all or part of the housing to the charge? In accordance with the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation on the latest position responsible person, property tax is targeted at all the individual housing. However, the current market regulation is to curb the trend of housing prices, in order to allow low-income affordable housing, which shows the main direction of regulation is to combat speculative real estate market forces, and consumption is still occupied by the policy support. If to all individual housing property tax, and that in fact the mortgage payments and those who live frugally in the However, if the implementation of differentiated taxes, only to houses with three or more owners suite levy, collection objects in determining the apparent difficulty of very large, which is the government prepared to levy property taxes across the board is an important reason.
two difficult problems: what kind of benchmarks to calculate the tax rate? State Council, If you are still here today, to implement the provisions, it is impossible to achieve the purpose of combating speculators. Now popular argument is that at current prices to calculate the tax assessment, but the reality of lack of integrity in the environment, impartial and independent rating agencies where to search? Although the Government can rely on assessment of administrative power forward, but the consequences for house prices since the government endorsed the back of a heavy burden. Moreover, in order to maintain this market to get from the high taxes, the Government is bound to push up prices more aggressively.
problem three: property taxes really be able to curb the price it? Under normal circumstances, the tax can really impact on the transaction price, especially in the real estate levy taxes to maintain phase, will reduce the desire of the owners continue to maintain housing. However, to achieve this goal there must be a precondition, which is a basic balance between supply and demand of housing, and even supply exceeds demand, in fact, in this case even if no taxes, house prices also fell. However, the real estate market is clearly not the case, urbanization led to the rigidity of the housing needs of the increasingly strong, and because the land available for real estate development limited increment, which determines the relationship between housing supply and demand in the market not because of the increased changes in tax and get the seller, the lessor can pass on the tax cost of the buyer, lessor, it will instead likely to drive prices up further.
regulation of real estate is a systematic project, which involves the allocation of funds to local government finance long-term unreasonable and low income people and a series of problems, so relying on the regulation of the market itself around the hard work. In this case, the property tax as a it?
User Reviews
Tencent Changsha User daya 9 hours ago

zf real purpose of levying property taxes to increase revenue. Not suppress prices.
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User Chengdu Tencent eup 9 hours ago
into key problems can not talk about: In the land transfer does not resolve before the real estate tax revenue without the tax base, is illegal, is a blatant robbery.
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Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Tencent User User 22611 hours ago
are not as permanent as the foreign property rights, why should levy property taxes? Now a lot of media deliberately give you the wrong direction so that we think is a reasonable property tax levy.
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User innocence does not obliterate Tencent Baoding 9 hours ago
to the National Real Estate Information Network, in per capita property tax levy after a certain area, this is a very easy thing. Imagine spending every day, bank card, the amount of information and trading volume many times greater than the property, can be networked, real estate, what is difficult? ? The hard part is the current policy makers is vested interests, always confuse compiled a variety of reasons, hinder the implementation of property tax, can be described as villain is obvious as well.
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User storm Lanzhou Tencent 8 hours ago
if all the housing property tax, the biggest beneficiary is the government, developers intact, the biggest victims are the majority of the commoners. The Government can not create the management problems passed on to the head of the majority of the civilian sectors, by their commitment to increase their burden. Do not engage in housing prices did not come down, then the burden of the people has increased the students.
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Users of Ningbo City, Tencent 8 hours ago
deep hard house for several decades, the house does not belong to me, I have to levy the tax; for the complete, 70 years after the house does not belong to me, and I in the end there What? ? ? For the air to tax?
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Ronnie Tencent users killer 9 hours ago
♂ make this country a few years the money from land sales and taxes out to solve all problems building
soaring land prices soaring house prices do not be strange if it
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User map of Shanghai Human Tencent 9 hours ago
punish legitimate property is robbery, property taxes are illegal money-laundering.
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Jiaxing users Tencent 9 hours ago
forest cat really behind the government we go
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9 hours ago Tencent users
fire to reach the limit I think the purpose of real estate, in the present policies based on the combined fourth set started to buy larger property tax levy, this fifth set and more ... no one would dare go to real estate, and the rich can not buy, buy is white buy, prices will naturally reduced to low-income groups can also buy this to continue a harmonious socialist society might be some of the . After the rich more money will not buy more than consumed in other places, such as travel, buying luxury goods, etc. Yes, virtually money in the community will be quick money flow redistribution. The key is from a policy before the introduction of the levy does not sign, I think that a policy introduced after the levy to buy it may be better.
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