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PostPosted: Tue 20:44, 02 Jul 2013    Post subject: anmzLQdyUiGEQCNwGzmW

I signal quite often and alawys use my right arm for right turns.As for the school bus thing, seeing as it is technically illegal to cycle on the sidewalk, no it wouldn't be legal to do, but less of a fine I suppose.My issue with school buses are I see far too many driving (approaching) their stops with the stop sign extended and flashing, yet they are still moving. If they are not stopped, how am I to know where they will be stopping?You know where I stand on helmets any age :pI read recently in Sweden some are trying to get the child's helmet law repealed.I knew about the distance from the curb, even most government run websites say you should ride at least one metre from the curb.I believe this varies from city to city, but here in St. Catharines you can legally ride outside of the bike lane.

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