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Based on Pro / E Mould Design and Implementation of form removal Method

Together), with the Surf & Bnd (surface and border) set the seed surface and boundary surface is defined to fill the surface and extends to a closed bottom and side to side to fill the holes; with Sketch (sketch) painting the base punch volume, the system will automatically combine to form the previous volume of the block punch; with Slide (slide) command to create the volume slider block, select the slide, including surface and remove surface and projection surface created after the completion of the block size; with MoldVolume ( Die size pieces) / Split (split) command, respectively, split the punch and die and slide, the results shown in Figure 4,5,6. 3 Conclusions (1) component method has been able to solve all the form removal action, but sometimes operate more trouble, so commonly used Pro / MOLDESIGN Manufacturing and sub-surface method. Can vend feather fan since the deposited (2) sub-surface method is Pro / E software module under concentrated form removal method, but not on all plastic parts can easily form removal,Mulberry outlet, then you can use the component method to complete the form removal . (3) The size of the block method and the sub-surface is the difference between the law without creating a direct definition of sub-surface volume of the block immediately after form removal, which has a clear advantage is with Slide (slide) option to create a volume slider block . Creation process fast and convenient. Block with the size of some of the modeling method will be faster, depending on the individual's design experience and proficiency in software applications. References 1 Xu Yunxiang. Pro/MOLDESIGNWildfire2.0 mold design. Beijing: Electronic Industry Press. 2005.2 Linqing An. Pro/ENGINEER2001 mold design. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2004.3 Huang Yao,abercrombie et fitch, Wang Leigang, et al. Based on Pro / ENGINEER three-dimensional design of forging die. Metalforming Machinery, 2001 (6): 59.4 Han Wei, Guoxin Ling. Based on Pro / E Mold Problems of form removal. Engineering Plastics Applications, 2005, (33) 1:55. China's mold industry and some foreign countries the gap in recent years. Despite the rapid development of China's mold industry, but not adapt to the needs of national economic development. Low mold excess, high-grade die in short supply. Some even rely on imports. Therefore,tory burch uk, enterprises must find their own mold weaknesses. To shorten the mold with foreign gap in the following areas. 1. Restricted by the price of raw materials to ask capsule. Mould-made do use more sophisticated treatment 2Crl3 and 3Crl3. And foreign materials are made of special mold DINI, 2316. Its mechanical properties, wear, corrosion resistance and brightness are much better than domestic polishing material. This fundamentally affects the quality and appearance of the domestic life of the mold. 2. The level of domestic mold manufacturing process manufacturers. Varying process conditions. Disparities. Many manufacturers do not match the equipment, a lot of jobs depend manually. Seriously affect the precision and quality. 3. Cross-country with a design system,ed hardy kleding, although some manufacturers use a computer-aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). But according to IEl stay in the introduction, digestion and absorption stages. Difficult to form a mature theoretical guidance and design systems. So. Standardized mold design software system development is a priority. 4. Debug level of the mold is by its very nature technology and equipment, production of qualified products is the ultimate goal. Therefore, mold quality, performance depends on the results of test mode to test. China Mould for short delivery time. Limitations of the device test mode, tend to put the user at the quality of inspection work, easy for users to cause a lot of losses and waste. And because the repair mode by time, space and other restrictions. Often difficult to debug the best. And some more developed foreign companies have their own premises and equipment test mode, the user can simulate the working conditions of test mode, so in the shortest possible time frame to achieve good results. 5. Prices are currently being concerned only about the price some manufacturers. The neglect of the technical quality of the mold, the quality of the user in terms of reasonable price is the best choice, so the domestic price of imports die die 8-10 times higher, still has its market space. Some domestic mold factory, forced the need for competition, blind keep the prices down. Even shoddy. Crudely, is an irresponsible short-term, will bring about heavy losses made the development of mold. Of course, the premise of ensuring quality,mulberry københavn, strengthen management. Scale and lower costs is undoubtedly the efforts. 6. Support system used to mold manufacturing enterprises in China engaged in producing hard at research, while ignoring other equipment, raw materials suppliers. Virtually allowing users to go a lot of detours. We must die factory and other factories and close cooperation with major research institutes, for the user to create the best products and create greater profits, there is hope for themselves and create a broad space for development.


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