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side him;he hurried to get away from it.  Morel gradually came to himself. He knew where he was andwhat had happened, but he did not want to move. He lay still,with tiny bits of snow tickling his face. It was pleasantto lie quite, quite still. The time passed. It was the bitsof snow that kept rousing him when he did not want to be roused. At last his will clicked into action.  "I mustn't lie here," he said; "it's silly."  But still he did not move.  "I said I was going to get up," he repeated. "Why don't I?"  And still it was some time before he had sufficiently pulledhimself together to stir; then gradually he got up. Pain made himsick and dazed, but his brain was clear. Reeling, he groped forhis coats and got them on,Moncler Jacken Frauen, buttoning his overcoat up to his ears. It was some time before he found his cap. He did not know whether hisface was still bleeding. Walking blindly, every step making him sickwith pain, he went back to the pond and washed his face and hands. The icy water hurt,Moncler Jacken, but helped to bring him back to himself. He crawled back up the hill to the tram. He wanted to get to hismother--he must get to his mother--that was his blind intention. He covered his face as much as he could, and struggled sickly along. Continually the ground seemed to fall away from him as he walked,and he felt himself dropping with a sickening feeling into space; so,Hermes paket,like a nightmare,Hermes Taschen, he got through with the journey home.  Everybody was in bed. He looked at himself. His face wasdiscolour

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