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PostPosted: Sat 22:35, 02 Apr 2011    Post subject: Men's lottery was 70.06 million yuan in two years

a rich man
he never had winners
1 pm yesterday, the reporter came to point out the winning lottery ticket - back to the River Street next to the Tesco supermarket newsstand find out.

Speaking of the lucky winners, Zhu Shaozhong couples are very excited: p>
Zhu Shaozhong said the winner was a 30-year-old young man,mbt sandali uomini, do not wear glasses, gentle manners, since the lottery opened in August 2008 points out, he bought tickets for this long.
would be to buy.

boss recalled, according to newsstand, they opened the lottery point of more than two years ago had the largest prize in the 6 million will. However, usually several hundred dollars or a lot of small prize,mbt scarpe donne, but had never seen this guy 兑奖 name.

However, since the awards out, they have not seen the last two days were boys.

trainee newspaper reporter newspaper correspondent Fang Xiaomei Zhang Miao
fixed betting more than two years

Zhu Shaozhong said, winning the man was wearing more meticulous,mbt sport donne,
the newsstand, there are a lottery machine, all called Shi Bin. But the charge of ticket sales, but it is the boss Zhu Shaozhong newsstand.
1 月 12 日 9 pm, Zhejiang Sports Lottery sales of big lottery out since the top prize: 70.06 million yuan,mbt lami donne, is the winner A lucky Jinhua. (See He has no law to buy lottery tickets? Problems like this, there was talk around the streets.
reporter saw on the newsstand has been linked with the bright red banner,

bought lottery tickets every time, this man will always pick a few of the magazine away, / p>
In addition, every time he left the newsstand, is


Tickets are replaced with their own queue overnight plastic models (Figure )

For 14 -year-old boy was trivial knife chase the mother ( Figure )

Despite the government ban on real estate sales pr

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