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Evaluate: hard to save real money to pay the core interests of the east

(Hong Kong) (2011-01-21)
(United Zaobao News) Hong Kong Oriental Daily News commented that the two countries frequently drank in front of the leaders in the spotlight, news of success of various contractual agreements, the two sides signed the decision hailed as the next decade, Sino-US relations Dan Book iron coupons. However, if read through the paper back, it is not difficult to find the promise of America is completely empty rumor, while China is the real pay real money.
this joint statement the two countries is the most important results of the summit leaders, the statement to strengthen Sino-US relations, and promote high-level exchanges, addressing regional and global challenges and build a comprehensive and mutually beneficial economic partnership, climate change, energy and environmental cooperation, expand humanities exchanges and other six parts. Although thousands of eloquent words and spectacular, but if Obama's visit to China last year when compared to the joint statement and found that no more new ideas, and many words are the same, people insipid.
If you look deeper, the joint statement, those branches removed, the remaining substantive content, but also most of the concerns of the United States, such as the North Korean nuclear issue, Iran nuclear issue, as China is concerned about the Taiwan issue is a passing, the Diaoyu Islands issue, the South China Sea is not mentioned in the slightest, but this last mentioned no mention of South Asia, the United States to lift the blockade and recognition of technology export to China market economy status of China without any anywhere. Can be said that this joint statement in addition to the exchange of visits between the leaders of this year made some schedule, the Chinese are basically crop failure, not to mention the maintenance of China's core interests.
this summit, but the Chinese have to pay a forty-five billion U.S. dollars of real money, just bought two hundred Boeing planes, worth nineteen billion U.S. dollars. Last year, when the U.S. decision to sell arms to Taiwan, the Chinese generals were also clamoring for targeted sanctions against the Boeing Company, refused to buy its aircraft, but just over a year to China will be so generous to send money to Boeing, changing fast, just let people keep up with. Step by step in China's large aircraft market, the Chinese have a lot to buy Boeing aircraft, equivalent to the market to give the United States, so that their primary aircraft industry suffered disaster, it is difficult to understand.
etiquette comprehensive remedy
rewarding if this summit that China-US relations will be characterized as What strategic partnership, the two sides in addition to some financial trade talks, the geopolitical and human rights issues work against the entirely. The Sino-US relations to a qualitatively actually immersed in the
the United States in this summit, a full-service, both state banquet, another small private dinner, both gun salute, and spread the red carpet, but will this be the year Deng Xiaoping visited the United States than the summit, hailed as epoch-making, a big milestone events. Americans are very comprehensive on etiquette, language is extremely respectful, but the strength is not weak hand. After all, the United States has a good face to see through the cards in China, the right remedy, you are brilliant.
China's foreign exchange reserves of the Chinese people's hard-earned money, but also the rise of great powers of capital, but now leaders of the visit, prone to hand billions of dollars, but not the treasure, without restraint, it seems to send more money, China will get more respect, this is rather a dream.
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